Post Round 6 – GX160 Honda Exhausts, Final Update

Post Round 6 – GX160 Honda Exhausts, Final Update

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You will be aware that there were exclusions for non-compliance at the last round, involving exhausts. View the previous article here :- Post Round 6 – GX160 Honda Exhausts

You might recall that my reasoning centred on a camera view that tended to suggest that a port within the exhaust had been modified. I have now had the opportunity to have these exhausts dismantled in my presence, and sad to say it is as I had thought, the exhausts had been modified.

the exhausts had been modified.

The proof was there to see, and by mensuration I think the port area had been increased by about 30%. That would probably result in a considerable improvement in the flow of exhausts gases through the chamber. However, I don’t believe it follows that there was any intent on the part of either of the teams or the engine preparer concerned to gain advantage, I imagine these exhausts have been modified by persons unknown and found their way into the system.

I would like to thank Custom Rods, GKD and Rob Nurse for working with me on this, taking everything in good spirit and working towards making RHPK the best and “straightest” that it can be.

As you know, I have offered to arrive early at the next round to inspect any team who might feel that there could be an issue with their exhausts.


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