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Post Round 6 – GX160 Honda Exhausts, Final Update

You will be aware that there were exclusions for non-compliance at the last round, involving exhausts. View the previous article here :-  You might recall that my reasoning centred on a camera view that tended to suggest that a port

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Post Round 6 – GX160 Honda Exhausts

First of all, a little history! The standard Honda exhaust has a baffle inside which, due to the extreme vibration and RPM’s we put it through, breaks off. When it does this, it rattles around inside the exhaust, breaking into

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Honda GX160 Technical Regulations Update – v13a

The keen-eyed among you might have noticed that the Honda GX160 Technical Regulations have been updated from Version 12 to Version 13A, and there is a bit of a story around that. It is not unusual to update regulations, as

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