The Series

About RHPK

The Track

The historic Rye House Racing Circuit is one of the oldest in existence and over the years has hosted many national and international meetings as well as the regular club meetings. 


Regarded by many as the greatest test of driver skill, Rye House has seen many F1 stars of today (and yesteryear!) hone their driving skills on this demanding track, on their climb up the racing ladder. Sections such as “Stadium Bend”, “Reg’s Elbow” and the “Pylon Complex” are as well regarded by Karter’s as “Paddock Hill Bend”, the “Tamburello” and the “Rascasse” are to F1 followers.

About the Rye House Prokart Endurance Racing Series

RHPK is a friendly and extremely competitive Prokart Endurance series. Since its first race back in 1997 the series has gone from strength to strength to bring well over 20+ teams every single month.

We pride ourselves on a very friendly series,  all major series changes are put to a vote on the track during drivers briefing. A series for drivers, run by drivers.


Class:- ProKart (2x Honda GX160 Engines)
Tyres:- Bridgestone YDS (Slick Tyre) & YFD (Wet Tyre)
Minimum Weight :- 180Kg

Open to:- Everyone
Race Format:-
Endurance (Typically 4 hours)
Second Saturday of every month

Practice:- Yes, Up to 3 hours dependant on day format, Practice costs around £30
Entry Fee:-
£130 Race Fee, Morning Practice £call
St. John Ambulance (See Below):- £15 Optional, however strongly recommended

On Track Medical Care

As the circuit are not responsible for ambulance or medical cover, one of our drivers, Robert, kindly organises to collect £10 for each team to cover the cost of having St John Ambulance medics on hand. They attend from 12 noon till race end at 7.00pm. This year the cost to have St John’s in attendance has risen by 20%, but we believe that if all team pays the £10.00 will still be able to cover the cost.

St John Ambulance

Please make Robert’s life easier and come and find him with your money, or better still have it with you at the drivers briefing.

Robert is racing again this year so is unable to spend the day chasing people for money. The donation is voluntary and if you don’t wish to pay, then please speak to Robert.


Q Do I need a licence to race?
No licence is required to race in the owner driver series

Q Do I need to pay a joining fee?
A No, not at all. All you need to pay for is each race entered

Q What Class will I race in?
A Depending on Karting experience we would either put you in Super or Clubman prokart class. Generally, Super Pros will reach around 41.xx second laps, Clubman will be in the 42.xx +
This is indicated by a number plate, RED & white lettering is Super (Numbers 1-29) Clubman is GREEN and white lettering (Numbers 30-80)

Q How many drivers in a team?
A Most teams have between 2-3 drivers. You have to do a minimum of 2 stops, you can do as many stops as you like after the 2. You can have a maximum of 5 drivers per team can be used throughout a season.

Q How can I find the next prokart race details?
Race dates are listed on the main page, a week before the race the Itinerary page is posted which can be downloaded/printed. A couple of days after, normally mid week the expected grid is updated. Book as soon as possible to ensure your place on our prokart grid.

OK, I want to join the prokart series – how can I sign up?
The best method is to call the track, Number below on ext. 2. Book yourself and make a payment if required. Once complete, sign up to the forums and introduce yourself (We are a friendly bunch!) and you will be allocated a team number.