Michael March Round 1 – 2nd March 2019

Michael March Round 1 – 2nd March 2019

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As soon as the chequered flag dropped in November last year the long 2-month break allowed teams to recoup and prepare for the 2019 season. We saw a very different Winter Cup this year, many different looking teams as drivers move around the paddock – we would be in for a very different looking grid for March 2019!

31 teams would take part in the RHPK season opener this year. Raider Racing now called North Seventeen Racing confirmed that they would be RHPK Season Sponsors this year, enabling us to host an Alpha Live stream towards the end of the year!
The first driver change to be announced was Chris Bell who joins the Dorling brothers at GKD Racing. A perfect fit for an already strong team.
Renegade Monkeys
enter the full 2019 season with previous Custom Rods drivers, Mark Beaumont, Steve Aldridge, and ABA Racing’s Ben Bishop. Ben Cook joins Custom Rods alongside Sam Read and Chris Orme.
Helicopter Services announced that Sammy Venables would be joining them for the 2019 season, however, he would sit out March due to a wrist injury.
Lee Kemp joins a newly formed CLM Lambo team. JND Racing would have a floating driver for a number of rounds this year, the first being Tor Ryan for March.
Atkins Motorsport would enter this year, with Matt Atkins, Sam Cassidy, and Reece Shephard

The Michael March: Round 1 named after RHPK’s dear friend Michael March would be once again tribute to his memory.

Polish Lambo & Polish Lambo V2 paying tribute to Michael March

Polish Lambo & Polish Lambo V2 paying tribute to Michael March


Custom Rods would take the first pole of the season with a time of 41.540, just on their toes behind was Renegade Monkeys just missing out with a time of 41.594. DAD Racing took 3rd with a 41.742, JND Racing 4th with 41.800 and 2018 RHPK Champions, Spectre Racing would settle for 5th place.

Despite Helicopter Services taking pole in the last lap of qualifying, they would have to start at the back of the grid, they arrived on the scales underweight. Lambo Racing would just miss out on a top 5, qualifying 6th place with a 41.893. GKD Racing would only manage 16th overall.

In Clubman Zingrae Racing would take pole with a time of 41.989, Universal Racing just missing out in a fantastically close push for pole – 41.999 would net them 2nd. Monkey Motorsport secured a fantastic 3rd place with a time of 42.159, March Racing would take 4th with a time of 42.173 and new team, 2 Bob Lambo round the top 5 up with 42.174.

KA Racing qualified just outside the top 5 in 6th and a little further down than they would have liked, Polish Lambo 10th in class.


Race Start

Race Start

As the flag drops for the first race for the 2019 season! 30 Karts head towards Stadium bend! It’s Custom Rods who secure their first place for lap 1. North Seventeen Racing taking 2 places, GKD Racing now up in 10th after their disappointing qualifying session.

Helicopter Services now in 18th place after lap 1, taking 12 places! Euro Lambo sink to 29th after an incident.

Zingrae Racing lead Clubman, Universal Racing drop 2 places and find CLM Lambo, who have taken no less than 8 places on the first lap, in between them.

BHM Racing is on a charge, taking 7 places on the race start, they are now running 15th.

CLM Lambo with not a great start to the season... on lap 3

CLM Lambo with not a great start to the season... on lap 3

Disaster for CLM Lambo on the 3rd lap – Lee Kemp’s rear wheel detaches from the kart – A real shame for the team who showed so much promise in the morning, no doubt these guys will be running at the front of Clubman throughout the season but for round 1, it takes them out of contention.

Lap 11 Helicopter Services charging through the pack, now up to 5th place.

Renegade Monkeys, Helicopter Services & Custom Rods

Renegade Monkeys, Helicopter Services & Custom Rods

20 laps later, Renegade Monkeys, Custom Rods and Helicopter Services would fight for 45 minutes up until the first pit stops – separated by a tenth of a second! Fantastic racing by all drivers.

KA Racing now in 2nd in Class, a real charge for them despite qualifying outside the Clubman top 5. Zingrae’s luck will drastically change after an issue on lap 47 sees them plummet down the order forcing to pit. KA Racing is now leading the Clubman pack!

KO Racing are now 19th in between Polish Lambo and Team Eyrie Also. New team, Still Racing are a respectable 23rd.

As the race draws to a close, Spectre Racing are chasing down JND Racing in the closing stages – they are unable to close enough as JND steps up the pace for the last half an hour.

Renegade Monkeys take the first win for RHPK 2019. The hard-charging Custom Rods takes 2nd place. JND Racing secure 3rd, Spectre Racing take 4th and Lambo Racing finish 5th – a great start for Lambo Racing after a nightmare of a year in 2018 for the team.

Despite their mighty quick pace Helicopter Services could only manage 13th due to a clutch failure mid-way through the race.

Universal Racing take a fantastic win! What a start to the season for the team headed up by Michael Looker. March Racing take an incredible 2nd place, just one lap down – a real tribute in Michael’s memory. Monkey Motorsport take 3rd place, KA Racing and BHM are on the podium in 5th place.

Zingrae who looked certain to wrap up the race at the start managed a credible 7th in class – despite their issues. CLM Lambo finished 15th in class.

Both RHPK newcomers, Still Racing and 2 Bob Lambo finished 9th & 12th in class.

Round 1 - March 2019 Qualifying

19Custom RodsSP2841.54
216Renegade MonkeysSP3441.594
36DAD RacingSP2741.742
51Spectre RacingSP3441.868
65Lambo RacingSP3141.893
714North Seventeen RacingSP2141.932
831Zingrae RacingC1941.989
940Universal RacingC3941.999
108Polish Lambo V2SP3342.012
1120Atkins MotorsportSP1942.038
1236Monkey MotorsportC2642.159
1333March RacingC2242.173
14572 Bob LamboC2842.174
167GKD RacingSP1942.233
174Euro LamboSP3442.262
1834KA RacingC3542.335
1932CLM LamboC942.436
2135Burton Power RacingC2642.533
2230Polish LamboC3442.57
2338Pelam RacingC3042.666
2437Silverline RacingC3443.038
2552KO RacingC1543.137
2642HP RacingC1643.145
2739Team Eyrie AlsoC3543.375
2856Still RacingC2643.38
2945Too Many PiesC3044.197
DNS58Hocus PocusC0
DNS53Burton Power MkIIC0
DSQ3Helicopter ServicesSP3141.508

Round 1 - March 2019 Race

116Renegade MonkeysSP34041.401
29Custom RodsSP34022.94641.375
311JNDSP3373 Laps41.717
41Spectre RacingSP3373 Laps41.867
55Lambo RacingSP3364 Laps41.532
67GKD RacingSP3355 Laps42.08
76DAD RacingSP3355 Laps41.714
814North Seventeen RacingSP3346 Laps41.903
940Universal RacingC3346 Laps42.202
1017ArtifexSP3337 Laps42.154
1133March RacingC3337 Laps42.229
1236Monkey MotorsportC3337 Laps42.232
133Helicopter ServicesSP3328 Laps41.308
1434KA RacingC3319 Laps42.055
1541BMHC3319 Laps42.222
1638Pelam RacingC32812 Laps42.591
178Polish Lambo V2SP32713 Laps41.774
1831Zingrae RacingC32713 Laps41.825
1935Burton Power RacingC32119 Laps42.193
2056Still RacingC32020 Laps42.947
2137Silverline RacingC31921 Laps43.098
2252KO RacingC31822 Laps42.848
23572 Bob LamboC31426 Laps42.195
2442HP RacingC31228 Laps42.203
2539Team Eyrie AlsoC30139 Laps42.841
2632CLM LamboC29842 Laps42.527
2730Polish LamboC29545 Laps42.295
284Euro LamboSP194146 Laps42.036
2920Atkins MotorsportSP119221 Laps41.984
3045Too Many PiesC46294 Laps44.35

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