Round 4 – 11th June 2016

Round 4 – 11th June 2016

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After the successful sold out round in May raising the bar, the RHPK team were tasked keeping the momentum up in Round 4 – June.

Whilst we didn’t have a sellout grid this round, the team entry list was a very healthy 25. All however were accounted for – we had three regulars who could not make it due to other commitments this month and a couple of teams just not ready.

This month saw a brand new entry. Series veteran Bill Wilson from Team Eyrie put a brand new sister team together to run alongside their Super Team. Eyrie Also consisted of Billy Griggs, Steve Jones & of course, Bill Wilson who was eager to get back in the seat this year!

This month saw a further change to ABA Racing’s line up. Ben and Andrew were joined by Patrick Pearce.

ABA Racing (Although commonly referred by ABBA Racing!) Ben and Andrew were joined by Patrick Pearce

ABA Racing (Although commonly referred by ABBA Racing!) Ben and Andrew were joined by Patrick Pearce

Team Karting Magazine’s line-up for June looked strong as ever, Matt England and Steph Walters join Lee Henderson this month.

Matt England, Steph Walters and Lee Henderson.

Matt England, Steph Walters and Lee Henderson.

SasuageKarting_Magazine1_1This month the Saturday Sausage fest was kindly sponsored by Chris McCarthy from the Karting Magazine. Superstars Phil & Greg from Team Lambo cooking lunch for all of our teams!





Team Focus fell victim to a broken chassis before qualifying had started. A real shame for the team, considering their strong performance last round.

Qualifying was very competitive all the way down the field – Custom Rods taking pole in the last minute of the session from Helicopter Services. Less than a tenth separated the top three in Super. Notable mention goes to Team JAM this month for their best qualifying position in Super to date – the guys have really found some pace this year and was fantastic to see the team on the third row of the grid.

In Clubman Team Amigos secure the top spot on the grid. Both Burton Power Racing & Polish Lambo qualified on the same time of 42.412. Behind them 7 teams are separated by less than a tenth of a second.
Team Eyrie Also in their debut race qualifying a respectable

Before the karts lined up on the grid we had a very impressive show by Steve Evans (Stiggy) in the Starlet Drift car.


Live Video taken by Sam Green was live on Facebook – Andy from Sprocket Photography has a video of the demonstration which will be uploaded shortly.

Grid Walk

This month, Motorsport legend Barry Lee was back and confirmed his commitment to the series for the rest of the season which is fantastic news. Barry took to the track in a Delorean in his Back to the Future Doc brown uniform, he was interviewed on the track by Chris McCarthy in a very entertaining interview.



The start of the race was very clean, Custom Rods leading the pack of 24 karts around stadium. Team Lambo taking advantage of the start to get the team up to third. Amigos securing their top spot, first in Clubman whilst a close battle behind for second in class as they come out of the second hairpin three wide!

Biggest mover on lap one was ZJ Racing, taking 4 places from last on the grid! Great work guys. Team Jam slip down a couple of places after the first lap.

Lap 8, ABA Racing take Lambo Racing for third, a second behind first and second. Custom Rods having to drive defensive to keep Helicopter Services behind.

Lap 37 ABA Racing take the lead after a brief excursion over the infield by both Custom Rods & Helciopter Services. The places are the fought for a number of laps after by both teams and Helicopter Services take the lead over Custom Rods and ABA Racing.

In Clubman, Amigos build up a comfortable lead over Burton Power Racing of 17 seconds. 10 seconds down the road NMA Racing are in third. Barry Lee commentating on the race was focused on Silverline Racing after lap 100 where they dropped to last place (5 laps down) By lap 141 that had gone from 24th to 19th and chasing through the pack – fantastic work by the guys.

Team Wraith suffered engine failures which put them out of contention. Team Karting Magazine suffered brake issues and had to retire from the race, such a shame considering their pace this round.

After 339 laps Helicopter Services take a well well deserved win. Baron Racing pipped Custom Rods in the last hour for second in a fantastic result for them this month. Custom Rods round up the top three in third.

In Clubman Amigos take the win to make it their third win this season! JAKL Racing take an incredible second place, their highest this season and puts them right back into the fight for the Clubman Championship. Burton Power Racing round up the top three in third.


Round 4 - June 2016 Qualifying

LapsLap TimeOnMPH
12Custom Rods (SP)3141.6123151.072
26Helicopter Services (SP)1941.6471651.029
315Baron Racing (SP)2841.6982850.966
45Lambo Racing (SP)3241.8071550.833
512Team JAM (SP)2941.911950.707
610ABA Racing (SP)3041.9492850.661
79ITS Racing 1 (SP)2842.0762750.508
817Karting Magazine (SP)3042.1972450.363
932Amigos (C)1342.2061050.353
1049Burton Power Racing (C)1942.4121550.108
1151Polish Lambo (C)3842.4123650.108
1218Team Wraith (SP)3242.4462950.068
1333JAKL Racing (C)3342.4492650.065
144JRH Racing (SP)2642.4781650.03
1516Team Eyrie (SP)2042.4942050.011
1631KA Racing (C)3642.4963650.009
1737NMA Racing (C)1642.611649.875
1835Silverline Racing (C)3342.6833349.79
1954Team Eyrie Also (C)2642.7742449.684
2038Neptune Motorsport (C)2542.7991249.655
2134Team CET (C)3243.0523249.363
2245Artifex Racing (C)2243.1332149.271
2336BMH (C)3543.7352948.592
2448ZJ Racing (C)2743.3632649.009

Round 4 - June 2016 Race

16Helicopter ServicesSuper33941.536
215Baron RacingSuper3381 Lap41.687
32Custom RodsSuper3372 Laps41.571
45Lambo RacingSuper3372 Laps41.861
59ITS Racing 1Super3345 Laps42.006
64JRH RacingSuper3345 Laps42.267
712Team JAMSuper3336 Laps42.018
832AmigosClubman3327 Laps42.192
933JAKL RacingClubman3318 Laps42.173
1049Burton Power RacingClubman3318 Laps42.278
1151Polish LamboClubman32811 Laps42.481
1231KA RacingClubman32811 Laps42.414
1310ABA RacingSuper32712 Laps41.682
1438Neptune MotorsportClubman32712 Laps42.855
1534Team CETClubman32514 Laps42.941
1616Team EyrieSuper32514 Laps42.294
1735Silverline RacingClubman32316 Laps42.598
1845Artifex RacingClubman31920 Laps42.758
1937NMA RacingClubman31920 Laps42.334
2018Team WraithSuper29544 Laps42.371
2148ZJ RacingClubman26970 Laps42.997
2217Karting MagazineSuper26178 Laps42.108
2336BMHClubman26079 Laps43.485
2454Team Eyrie Also Clubman136203 Laps42.779


  Alpha Timing Results    Sprocket Photography Photos ** To follow

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