Round 8 – 14th October 2017

Round 8 – 14th October 2017

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It’s almost over, what a season. The penultimate race before the highly anticipated final which is filmed for Motorsport.TV. The weather forecast for the day looked very promising – dry with highs of 19c.

This month we saw two brand new teams enter, Cut & Shut and RAD Racing. We also saw the return of Why So Serious – Last time racing in RHPK back in 2012.

This month we were treated to a very special pace car, Duncan Cowper’s 2009 Dax Rush Hayabusa Turbo. The famous car equaled the Top Gear Stig lap record a few years back with an incredible time of – 1:17.6. It is by far the fastest car we have had round Ryehouse so far. Big thanks to Duncan for taking the time to put in some laps for us.

We held a competition for a passenger ride in the car which went to Lindsey Mason and Russell Lutteridge

After listening to the feedback from September, the RHPK team made a number of changes to the way the pitlane works.

– There are now two lanes, one for fuel and the other to skip the fuel bay to head down the pits
– As you now head into the fuel lane you are prompted to turn your engines off and can use the momentum/pusher to roll until the fuel bay
– Directly in front of the fuel bay is the limbo bar, when the driver jumps out as another team member can push the kart under the limbo bar for the driver to collect.

Picture captured from Brian Howses, BMH Racing

Picture captured from Brian Howses, BMH Racing

We tested a number of karts before signing this off as the final design. After the race the feedback was very promising.



This month the Saturday sausage fest was sponsored by Lambo Racing.




ABA Racing stole the show with a very impressive 41.449 – Piers Prior putting in an early stunner which was 2 tenths quicker than any other kart on the track. GKD Racing, a team to watch this year as the season comes to a close, secure a fantastic 2nd place with a time of 41.619. HRS1 who looked likely to take pole early on in this session had to settle for third place, just a fraction behind GKD with a time of 41.687.

Helicopter Services was a little further down the field this month, 4th place with a time of 41.732 and Spectre Racing with a time of 41.889.

In Clubman, Time Crisis secured pole quite late on in the session on lap 24 with a time of 42.001. A tenth down the road was the Amigos 2 team with a time of 42.100. After their debut win last round SJ Lambo looked strong with 3rd in class and a time of 42.113 – just missing out on 2nd! A stunning performance from Silverline this month who secured 4th place in class with a time of 42.161 – again, just missing out on 2nd and 3rd! Polish Lambo rounded up the top 5 with a time of 42.202.

A worthy mention to Burton Power Racing who found themselves 6th this month, a big step up from previous months – obviously their kart improvements making all the difference here. Clubman Championship leaders, JND Racing were a little further down in 7th place.


Race Start

Race Start

Disaster struck for Silverline Racing in one of their best qualifying sessions as the team discovered a serious crack to their chassis when griding up to start the race – a real disappointment for the team who looked certain to do well this round thanks to their newly found pace.

32 Karts went into the first corner to start R8, Piers Prior from ABA emerged in the lead after being closely followed by HRS1. 

Lap 1 Amigos take Titan Motorsport for 6th place.

Lap 2 saw a big jump from both Artifex and Karting Magazine now up to 19th and 20th. Both Universal Racing, KA Racing and Team Eyrie Also dropping 4-5 places as a result and change up the top as Helicopter Services take 3rd place from GKD Racing.

Lap 11 Helicopter is now 2nd, moving HRS 1 down to 3rd place. On the same lap, newcomers Cut & Shut take 27th from Pealm Racing. Custom Rods and Titan Motorsport appear to be locked in a battle for 7th place.

Lap 33, Time Crisis who are currently leading the Clubman class take Spectre Racing for 9th place, now inside that top 10 which has always been an aim of the team this year.

Second in Clubman Amigos 2 and just behind them SJ Lambo running 3rd in class.

Amigos 2 and SJ Lambo locked in a close battle for 2nd

Amigos 2 and SJ Lambo locked in a close battle for 2nd

Lap 44, a disaster for HRS1 as they have to make a dash for the pits as their side pod fell off. They combine it with a driver stop and a small repair with Duct Tape on the side pod – they return back into the race.

A mighty battle between Custom Rods, Titan Motorsport and Time Crisis breaks out – at one point Time Crisis take both to sit in 4th overall – a real pleasure to see these guys so far up the field in their first year with RHPK.

A real pleasure to see Time Crisis at the top of the field this month.

A real pleasure to see Time Crisis at the top of the field this month.

Lap 94 both Spectre Racing and Polish Lambo pit. Time Crisis in the lead for Clubman, Amigos 2 and SJ Lambo 2nd and 3rd followed by March Racing in 4th. Both new teams Cut & Shut and RAD Racing are 22nd and 23rd. Behind them Artifex and KA Racing.

As the race gets into the first hour, many teams pitting for their first stop of the race, it appears that ABA Racing have an issue and are starting to slow down. After some time nursing the kart, Ben Bishop has to retire with a broken front hoop on their chassis. A real shame for the team as they look certain to finish well this month.

Burton Power Racing get held up twice in the pits by other karts fueling taking them out of contention in the Clubman fight.

As the race falls into dusk the countdown is ticking down to the chequered flag all eyes are on two teams. Time Crisis are 16 seconds behind Amigos 2 who are currently leading Clubman. Time Crisis are pulling in 0.2 – 0.4 seconds a lap and go on to make the move for 1st place in class.

Onboard from JND Racing as the races falls into dusk

Onboard from JND Racing as the races falls into dusk

Helicopter Services take the win. GKD Racing finish a stunning 2nd place in their best finish to date! Titan Motorsport secure 3rd place over Lambo Racing in 4th and the chasing Custom Rods settled for 5th place.

Despite HRS1’s issues, they managed to recover 6th place!

In Clubman a well-deserved victory for Time Crisis, their first win of the season and 7th overall. Amigos2 take 2nd place after some real close battles on track – at one point they looked certain for the win, but could not hold off the pace of Time Crisis.
JND Racing take 3rd place which will strengthen their lead in the Championship. March Racing just behind in 4th place and Polish Lambo round up the top 5 in 5th.

A real shame for Silverline Racing who didn’t make the start due to a cracked chassis. I’m sure we would have seen a decent result for them this month. Burton Power WAGs just missing out on the podium with a 6th place.

Round 8 - October 2017 Qualifying

13ABA RacingSuper1541.449
225GKD RacingSuper1441.619
314HRS 1Super2441.687
41Helicopter ServicesSuper941.732
524Spectre RacingSuper2941.889
619Titan MotorsportSuper1241.901
82Custom RodsSuper1041.927
98Lambo RacingSuper3541.973
1062Time CrisisClubman2942.001
114JRH RacingSuper3042.025
1259Amigos 2Clubman2742.1
1357SJ LamboClubman2742.113
1433Silverline RacingClubman4042.161
1532Polish LamboClubman4042.202
1631Burton Power RacingClubman2142.205
1755JND RacingClubman4142.273
1836KA RacingClubman2642.304
1953March RacingClubman1142.312
207Team JAMSuper2442.315
2154Burton Power WAGSClubman3342.341
2235Team CETClubman2142.343
2342Team Eyrie AlsoClubman1742.434
2410Karting MagazineSuper2942.452
2637Pelam RacingClubman2042.919
2734NMA RacingClubman2442.94
2838Universal RacingClubman2442.942
3070Cut & ShutClubman3343.049
3169RAD RacingClubman1943.106
3272Why So SeriousClubman2843.2
3368Too Many PiesClubman946.786

Round 8 - October 2017 Race

11Helicopter ServicesSP33841.574
225GKD RacingSP3371 Lap41.727
319Titan MotorsportSP3371 Lap42.024
48Lambo RacingSP3371 Lap42.002
52Custom RodsSP3371 Lap42.03
614HRS 1SP3362 Laps41.653
762Time CrisisC3353 Laps41.901
859Amigos 2C3353 Laps42.124
94JRH RacingSP3353 Laps42.215
1022AmigosSP3344 Laps42.117
1155JND RacingC3335 Laps42.383
1253March RacingC3335 Laps42.36
1332Polish LamboC3335 Laps42.331
1454Burton Power WAGSC3326 Laps42.379
1524Spectre RacingSP3326 Laps42.018
1635Team CETC3308 Laps42.426
1741ArtifexC3308 Laps42.484
1810Karting MagazineSP3299 Laps42.465
1957SJ LamboC3299 Laps42.16
2036KA RacingC3299 Laps42.328
2138Universal RacingC32711 Laps42.722
227Team JAMSP32612 Laps42.506
2340BMHC32513 Laps43.047
2437Pelam RacingC32414 Laps43.029
2569RAD RacingC32216 Laps42.76
2631Burton Power RacingC32117 Laps42.278
2742Team Eyrie AlsoC31919 Laps42.426
2872Why So SeriousC31622 Laps42.806
2970Cut & ShutC31622 Laps42.951
3068Too Many PiesC28256 Laps46.738
313ABA RacingSP236102 Laps41.545
3234NMA RacingC234104 Laps42.662


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