Round 3 – 13th May 2017

Round 3 – 13th May 2017

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Another highly anticipated RHPK round and was sold out after just 5 hours on the Monday after round two, however, a 5-week wait between rounds prompted a number of teams to test during the weeks up to the race.

This month we welcomed a brand new team, Chess Racing – sporting number 60. It was the teams first race in a Pro-Kart Series and were taken under the wing of CET & Silverline Racing – fantastic introduction by our two regulars. Sticky Dickies was back, having debuted last month, Richard was back! Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond their control, two teams were unable to make it last minute – LR Racing & Neptune. We hope to see both teams in the up and coming months.

Morning practice started off with rain – which was a little surprising considering the warm and dry weather we’ve had on the run up to the race.

We welcomed back Chris McCarthy who will be returning to commentate for the series for the rest of the year.

The RHPK pace car this month was a Pirtek Racing Group C Proton Satria GTi track car. Perry punt in a decent amount of laps in the Proton before starting Round 3.

After the British F4 driver Billy Monger’s horrific crash at Donington Park, this month the Sausage fest included a collection for Billy #billywhizz. We raised an incredible £729. A big shout out to all of those who donated and bought stickers (Which were sold out in less than 5 minutes!)

Lunch provided by Team Lambo was sponsored by Team Amigos & SJ Lambo – all proceeds to the food went directly to Bill Monger. A real tribute to the Team Lambo camp. We can’t thank you all enough.


As the qualifying was about to being the sky looked very dark causing some spots of rain to fall – it was enough for the whole field to be waiting on the dummy grid waiting for the session to start just in case it poured!

Qualifying just about to start as the black clouds form!

Qualifying just about to start as the black clouds form!

Yet another round where qualifying was mightly close, just over one and a half tenths separated the top 5. 7th place down to 25th was separated by just 1 second! ABA who went out as soon as possible took a firm pole position with a time of 41.635, Helicopter Services just missed out with a time of 41.706. This month we only had the presence of RPM 1 who took the second row of the grid in third with a time of 41.766. HRS 1 looked back on pace this month with a time of 41.792.

In Clubman we saw an equally close race to pole position, Polish Lambo took the pole with a time of 42.205, just fractions behind was JND Racing with a 42.260. A stunning qualifying session for Artifex Racing saw them take the 3rd spot in Clubman with a 42.270, fantastic to see the guys right in the mix in Clubman. SJ Lambo looked very strong in qualifying jsut missing out on the 3rd spot with a time of 42.318.

We were in for a very close race!


Chris McCarthy was back this round to conduct his famous grid walk.

As the green flag dropped it’s ABA Racing who lead the pack into the first corner closely followed by RPM 1 & Titan Motorsport who are all on the inside, Helicopter Services on the outside looking for space.

Disaster for Silverline Racing as they spin off on the first hairpin, Pelam are also caught up and a number of karts narrowly missing them.

First lap, ABA Racing in the lead, followed by RPM 1, Helicopter Services, Titan Motorsport and HRS Racing. HRS make a move on Titan on the second hairpin and make it stick. JND Racing leads the Clubman battle from hard charging SJ Lambo, Polish Lambo, KA Racing and March Racing all nose to tail.

Our biggest mover on lap 1 is HRS 2, gaining an incredible 8 places after the first lap. Artifex after their stunning qualifying position fall victim to an incident on track and drop 18 places!

Custom Rods taking a place from Spectre Racing, Custom Rods losing out on the start on the outside.

Lap 3 and there is a change for the lead, RPM Racing 1 take first from ABA in a closely thought battle. Lap 4 ABA Drop another 2 places as both HRS1 and Titan go through. Lap 5 Custom Rods briefly take Helicopter Services but it’s short lived and the Helicopter takes the place back – Custom Rods struggling for pace this weekend.

Lap 7 and there is a mighty battle for the Clubman Lead – JND Racing drop 2 places as overtaken by both SJ and Polish Lambo. SJ now in the lead and looking very strong.

Lap 9 and KA Racing take the place from JND, what a race! A real 4 way battle in Clubman, a couple of laps later Polish Lambo take SJ and pull through KA Racing for first and second in Clubman.

Lap 14 APL take 20th place from HRS2 and Team Eyrie Also take Team CET for 23rd place.  Most of the field nose to tail.

We saw quite a serious incident on the first hairpin invoiling Team JAM which resulted in them breaking their brake pedal – unfortunately it removed the team from any decent result this round. We heard from Team JAM over the weekend, Jason’s foot is a little sore but recovering is well.

Lap 53 and it is still a full on a battle for SJ Lambo at the top of the clubman class, KA Racing takes 1st from SJ, who takes the place back on lap 67 in such a closely fought battle. Less than a second separated the top 3 in Clubman after 68 laps! Lap 69 Polish Lambo take KA Racing for 2nd in clubman chasing down SJ Lambo. JND in striking distance.

In Super, another epic battle is raging between front runners, ABA Racing who are leading to RPM 1 in second and Helicopter Services in 3rd – all separated by less than two-tenths of a second.

Lap 99, Artifex after an incident on the first lap are pulling themselves up, now up to 21st place, taking two places in one lap. New team, Chess racing are in a very respectable 28th place, in their first race and Championship!

As the battles rage in both classes, we hit the pit stop window.

Both Polish Lambo (Pictured) and SJ Lambo fall victim to damaged front bumpers.

Both Polish Lambo (Pictured) and SJ Lambo fall victim to damaged front bumpers.

Despite both Lambo’s epic battles in the first half of the race and looking certain to do well this round, both Polish and SJ Lambo have to pit to fix their front bumpers – absolutely gutting for both teams which you could hear in Chris McCarthy’s voice over the Microphone. A real turn of pace for SJ Lambo this month, stamping their mark on the highly competitive clubman class.

Team Eyrie Also was black flagged in the later part of the race for overtaking on a yellow flag, once completing their stop-go they fall victim to a rear hub failure causing them to put again, taking them completely out of the race. Team CET and Chess Racing collide on the first hairpin, CET have to pit to replace a bent stub, but manage to get back out again.

The racing didn’t let up in the last hour. Piers Prior from ABA Racing jumped in the seat to replace Andrew Bishop who drove a fantastic middle stint – one of his best drives that we’ve seen from him, nominated as driver of the day by a number of teams. Piers job is to close down RPM1. As the clock is ticking down their is a real chance that he can do it – as the gap closes to less than 2 seconds in the closing stages of the race he collides with Amigos which puts him out of the race for first. A stunning chase from both drivers and a real testament to their race craft through the field.

In Clubman a battle is raging as Evolution chasing down Stickies in the closing stages of the race.

As the chequered flag drops the win goes to RPM Racing by just 7 seconds to ABA Racing who have to settle for 2nd. Helicopter Services take 3rd and Titan Motorsport takes 4th. A well deserved 6th place for JRH Racing.

JND Racing take a well-deserved clubman win, March Racing take 2nd and Artifex Racing who were strong in qualifying find their hard work pay off to take 3rd spot in clubman – their best result this year! Well done guys. Burton Power Racing take 4th on the podium.  A well deserved 5th place goes to Amigos 2, Roy Grassie driving for Amigos 2 this round.


Round 3 - May 2017 Qualifying

13ABA RacingSuper1141.635
21Helicopter ServicesSuper2741.706
317RPM 1Super2941.766
414HRS 1Super1141.792
519Titan MotorSportSuper1241.801
62Custom RodsSuper1341.956
724Spectre RacingSuper4242.197
832Polish LamboClubman3942.205
1055JND RacingClubman4142.26
118Lambo RacingSuper3042.269
1357SJ LamboClubman2742.318
1433Silverline RacingClubman3242.365
154JRH RacingSuper3542.415
1653March RacingClubman3942.436
1754Burton Power WAGSClubman4142.444
1836KA RacingClubman3342.45
1956APL RacingClubman3742.489
2031Burton Power RacingClubman3642.52
2110Karting MagazineSuper2842.608
2259Amigos 2Clubman2942.637
2342Team Eyrie AlsoClubman3342.784
247Team JAMSuper1642.876
2537Pelam RacingClubman3443.183
2634NMA RacingClubman1943.266
2761ZJ Racing 2Clubman1843.29
2838ZJ RacingClubman3143.581
3058HRS 2Clubman1143.754
3267Sticky DickiesClubman1944.188
3335Team CETClubman844.392
3460Chess RacingClubman2045.864

Round 3 - May 2017 Race

117RPM 1Super34041.6
23ABA RacingSuper3407.73741.514
31Helicopter ServicesSuper34040.45241.614
419Titan MotorsportSuper3391 Lap41.782
52Custom RodsSuper3373 Laps41.867
64JRH RacingSuper3364 Laps42.061
755JND RacingClubman3346 Laps42.279
822AmigosSuper3346 Laps42.249
914HRS 1Super3346 Laps41.678
108Lambo RacingSuper3346 Laps42.078
1110Karting MagazineSuper3337 Laps42.3
1253March RacingClubman3328 Laps42.259
1324Spectre RacingSuper3328 Laps42.323
1441ArtifexClubman33010 Laps42.248
1531Burton Power RacingClubman33010 Laps42.412
1659Amigos 2Clubman33010 Laps42.271
1754Burton Power WAGSClubman33010 Laps42.343
1836KA RacingClubman32911 Laps42.199
1956APL RacingClubman32812 Laps42.637
2032Polish LamboClubman32515 Laps42.251
2140BMHClubman32317 Laps42.918
2258HRS 2Clubman32119 Laps43.044
2343EvolutionClubman31921 Laps42.998
2467Sticky DickiesClubman31921 Laps43.768
2535Team CETClubman31822 Laps42.838
267Team JAMSuper31327 Laps42.421
2757SJ LamboClubman31030 Laps42.208
2833Silverline RacingClubman29941 Laps42.401
2942Team Eyrie AlsoClubman29842 Laps42.522
3060Chess RacingClubman29545 Laps45.18
3137Pelam RacingClubman28456 Laps43.082
3261ZJ Racing 2Clubman26278 Laps42.856
3338ZJ RacingClubman26179 Laps43.346
3434NMA RacingClubman216124 Laps43.037


  Alpha Timing Results


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