Round 1 Report – 12th March 2016

Round 1 Report – 12th March 2016

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For a number of teams it seemed almost like an eternity until Round 1 of the Rye House Prokart Endurance Racing Championship came round, there were a number of posts and conversations on social media, everyone getting ready for the start of the season. You can see a number of photos in our preseason post, here…

The hype surrounding the series certainly made for a fantastic turn out, we had 27 teams booked in as they all filtered through the doors from 7am. A couple of teams who were practicing Friday stayed over. From when the gates opened there was a real sense of excitement in the air as we watched the paddock fill up.

As practice started, the prokarts emerged from the pits sporting their brand new 2016 livery. This year is the first year in the series that we’ve seen people go all out on their livery – most of the karts looked stunning.

Despite the dry track Pelam Racing (40) were the first prokart team to find an alternative line which ensured their sparkling clean kart was covered in mud, including their driver.

Despite the dry track Pelam Racing (40) were the first prokart team to find an alternative line which ensured their sparkling clean kart was covered in mud, including their driver.

Polish-lambo-sus Polish-lambo-sus2


Just after practice, Polish Lambo cooked Polish Sausages for pretty much half the paddock.

Headed up by Geoff Lamb from Lambo Racing, Polish Lambo are a brand new team this year.






Last month we announced that the Karting Magazine were entering RHPK. Biz Karts have supplied them a brand new kart to race for the season. This month they had a very strong driver line up. A real warm welcome to the team which will change slightly throughout the year – more details to follow. A big thanks all of our teams who assisted them throughout the day.


Team Karting Magazine in their debut race sponsored by Biz. Lee Henderson (Left) Luke Cousins (Middle) Piers Prior (Right)

Team Karting Magazine in their debut race sponsored by Biz. Lee Henderson (Left) Luke Cousins (Middle) Piers Prior (Right)


The team spirit continued as NMA Racing had engine problems just as practice finished. A track announcement  was put out asking if anyone had a engine spare went out; less than 5 minutes later three/four teams were offering their engines. A big thanks to Shayne from Amigos providing them with the engine.

[ Qualifying Report to follow ]



A very clean start by all, Piers (Team Karting Magazine) finds some space and manages to get into second place whilst Custom Rods are unable to find that inside line, slipping down slightly. Team Amigos keeps the lead in clubman mixing it up in a very busy pack of 7!

As the race settles down after the first couple of laps, Helicopter Services have pulled a comfortable lead over ABA Racing. Mean while a stunning battle between Team Karting Magazine, Wraith, Lambo, JRH & ITS is underway. JRH fall victim to a coming together which knocked their caster all the way down meaning they had to come in for an unscheduled pit stop.

Throughout the race, the 4 hour endurance took it’s toll on a number of teams. Artifex suffer a rear hub failure, Attaq Motorsport suffer a front stub axle bearing failure and Avatar Racing lose a rear wheel near the end of the race.

Helicopter Services take the win by a very comfortable 4 laps to Lambo Racing. ITS Racing 1 (Series Sponsor) round up the top three in a stunning third place, which was taken with less than 15 minutes to go from Team Wraith (2.8 seconds behind)

In Clubman despite their engine problems in the morning, NMA Racing take a fantastic win. On the same lap, not far behind Burton Power Racing (Series Sponsor) and again on the same lap, just 16 seconds down the road Amigos round up the top three.  Very close finish!

Team Karting Magazine finished 9th on their debut race. We would like to thank all pro kart teams who assisted them throughout the course of the day and donated tyres & spares. A real pleasure to have the team down racing with us.

7 Kart circle logo
7Kart Monthly Prize

This months Prize provided by Robert Nurse, 7 Kart was awarded to Silverline Racing for their Track discipline & Team Spirit.
This months prize was free testing in Round 2.

Well deserved guys!



JH’s Top 10

1. Entry levels – MASSIVE!
2. Camping – the fact that teams now wanna stay over on friday! Any of you travelling distance are welcome to do this, the back paddock is suitable for tents….
3. Weather – as Liam would say “sunsheeeeiiiine”
4. Karting Mag – Duh…obviously good for the series, Biz and us alike but really surprised how the team gelled and performed with only 40 minutes testing, less than 5hrs driving at rye historically and on a kart that literally came out the box on the day!
5. Custom Rods – after a motoring incident, on the way, that would have put most people off continuing to Rye, let alone racing……..
6. Polish Lambo – great lads, our first ever team to set up a “feeding station” on thier debut…….‪#‎woodstock‬
7. Barry Lee – “John, tell you what, you guys have got something pretty special here………………………………” NICE! ‪#‎worntheteeshirt‬
8. Working on a Saturday – I left my previous job (24 years ago) in order to be able to go to work in board shorts and flip flops and to NEVER WORK ON SATURDAYS………loving being in the “breakfast crew” withRyan Musk, befor handing over to Luke Ladley-Ellmers who hosts the “drive time” show LOL. ‪#‎itsnotwork‬ ‪#‎fakejob‬
9. JRH – workout videos and “mud” karting
10. Track Marshal – “So John, we’ve got 2 Poles, a Latvian, several Scot’s and an Welsh as well as a Devonian……Does this make us a “World series” ? I guess it does………

“Rye House, a little bit of tarmac with a BIG heart!”

[Race Standings to follow] Temporary sheet below…


Round 1 - March 2016 Qualifying

16Helicopter Services (SP)2541.787
22Custom Rods (SP)340.22242.009
318Team Wraith (SP)410.31742.104
417Karting Magazine (SP)360.35842.145
510ABA Racing (SP)220.3642.147
616Team Eyrie (SP)370.48342.27
74JRH Racing (SP)370.56742.354
85Lambo Racing (SP)250.642.387
99ITS Racing 1 (SP)320.61442.401
1032Amigos (C)120.62642.413
117Focus Racing (SP)170.80742.594
1247HRS Racing (C)210.87342.66
1349Burton Power Racing (C)250.91642.703
1412Team JAM (SP)310.96542.752
1531KA Racing (C)241.05142.838
1643Avatar Racing (C)291.14242.929
1735Silverline Racing (C)411.1842.967
1833JAKL Racing (C)371.18642.973
1937NMA Racing (C)151.30343.09
2051Polish Lambo (C)241.37643.163
2146ITS Racing 2 (C)171.46843.255
2240Pelam Racing (C)201.50143.288
2334Team CET (C)251.82843.615
2445Artifex Racing (C)352.44444.231
2539Evolution (C)152.72144.508
2650Attaq Motorsport (C)312.83344.62
2748ZJ Racing (C)143.55945.346


Round 1 - March 2016 Race

16Helicopter Services (SP)Super33841.641
25Lambo Racing (SP)Super3344 Laps42.212
39ITS Racing 1 (SP)Super3326 Laps42.316
418Team Wraith (SP)Super3326 Laps42.194
57Focus Racing (SP)Super3317 Laps42.21
64JRH Racing (SP)Super3299 Laps42.403
72Custom Rods (SP)Super3299 Laps41.951
810ABA Racing (SP)Super32711 Laps42.252
917Karting Magazine (SP)Super32711 Laps42.525
1037NMA Racing (C)Clubman32513 Laps42.674
1112Team JAM (SP)Super32513 Laps42.584
1249Burton Power Racing (C)Clubman32513 Laps42.562
1332Amigos (C)Clubman32513 Laps42.244
1435Silverline Racing (C)Clubman32414 Laps42.997
1516Team Eyrie (SP)Super32414 Laps42.377
1651Polish Lambo (C)Clubman32018 Laps42.779
1739Evolution (C)Clubman32018 Laps42.353
1833JAKL Racing (C)Clubman31919 Laps42.912
1934Team CET (C)Clubman31919 Laps43.025
2040Pelam Racing (C)Clubman31919 Laps42.952
2131KA Racing (C)Clubman30236 Laps42.632
2246ITS Racing 2 (C)Clubman30038 Laps42.766
2348ZJ Racing (C)Clubman28652 Laps44.665
2445Artifex Racing (C)Clubman216122 Laps43.423
2547HRS Racing (C)Clubman193145 Laps42.492
2643Avatar Racing (C)Clubman191147 Laps42.694
2750Attaq Motorsport (C)Clubman160178 Laps44.752


  Alpha Timing Results    Sprocket Photography Photos


All photos taken by Andy at Sprocket Photography. Full Pricing options are available direct on the Sprocket Photography Website

Pricing options for various sizes of prints, frames, or electronic images, either single or in discounted bundles are located on the tabs or icons of each photo in the full gallery



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