Kelvin’s Corner – Engine Kill Switch

Kelvin’s Corner – Engine Kill Switch

by March 15, 2016 0 comments

A brand new section on RHPK, Kelvin has kindly agreed to post up an article each month relating to the rules/regulations & engines. It’s very much a two way feature, post any questions or concerns below…


Many of you might have thought of putting a remote “Engine Kill” button nearer to hand on your pro kart, thus saving time reaching down for two separate switches.

I have noticed that one or two of you already have such a system in place. I don’t have a problem with that, but you must ensure that the original on/off switches are still effective.

Why is this so important?


Well, if you are ever unfortunate enough to end up underneath your prokart with the engines still running, (and of course the fuel pumps still pumping fuel) then any marshal running to your aid is going to know where the original kill switches are located, and use them. He will not know where your alternative ones are mounted!

I’ll be watching!

Any questions or comments, please post below where Kelvin will respond.

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