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Kelvin – Take note before July!

Some things for everyone to note before the July RHPK event. To be clear, I do check sprockets from time to time, and stripping down a sprocket covered in chain lube after an event is not the nicest thing. I

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Kelvin Nicholls Sponsors Round 3 Sausages

Kelvin Nicholls, RHPK’s Technical Commissioner will be sponsoring this months Sausages. Just after morning practice #2, around 12pm Polish Lambo will be cooking up the whole grid Sausages for all teams. Listen for the announcements during the morning – don’t miss

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Kelvin’s Corner – Engine Kill Switch

A brand new section on RHPK, Kelvin has kindly agreed to post up an article each month relating to the rules/regulations & engines. It’s very much a two way feature, post any questions or concerns below…   Many of you

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