Kelvin – Take note before July!

Kelvin – Take note before July!

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Some things for everyone to note before the July RHPK event.

To be clear, I do check sprockets from time to time, and stripping down a sprocket covered in chain lube after an event is not the nicest thing. I am happy for you to make a circular hole in a sprocket guard to expose the marking on a sprocket, provided that that marking is an official manufacturer’s mark, and does not look as though it had been applied by yourself using die stamps. Bear in mind that I always carry the correct sprockets with me for comparison if I have any doubt, and in that case, would ask you to remove the suspect sprocket completely.

The fixing of weight or ballast. I think things have become a little relaxed in this area, but nobody wants to run into or be hit by a large lump of lead bouncing down the track. I hope that the regulations for the fitting of ballast are clear in the regulations, and if there is any doubt about a particular aspect you can always contact me prior to the next round. So let’s be clear; I expect that all ballast will be fitted in accordance with the regulations at the July round. There are no exceptions to this, and if any infringement is noted during the race, you will not be allowed back onto the circuit until the situation has been rectified, regardless of your race position at the time.

Round 2 - Helicopter Services Strip down, Confirmed

Round 2 - Helicopter Services Strip down, Confirmed

I thoroughly inspected an engine from one team after the event last weekend. It was compliant in all respects with the checks defined in the current regulations. If anyone wants a full list of the things I checked they are welcome to talk to me. Please be aware I do take any form of cheating very seriously, and I am quite prepared to do this to engines at every round if I feel the need arises. This will involve competitors in expensive and time-consuming rebuilds, which is why I prefer to keep my checks short and at random. However, I have no problem with completely stripping engines on a regular basis. It’s your time and your money!


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