Pace Car

R8 Pace Car, Duncan Cowper’s 2009 Dax Rush Hayabusa Turbo

We are excited to annouce the round 8 pace car! Duncan Cowper’s 2009 Dax Rush! The famous car equaled the Top Gear Stig lap record a few years back with an incredible time of – 1:17.6 The car will be

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R7 Pace Car, Litchfield Stage 5.5 Nissan GTR

This month we have a very special high-performance super car on track. Nissan GTR Which is tuned with a Litchfield Stage 5.5 running 775.5BHP and 638.5 lb.ft Torque Running a set of LM800 Turbos with 1100cc injectors, Uprated LM Intakes,

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