Round 7 – 8th Steptember 2018

Round 7 – 8th Steptember 2018

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Last round set the Championship standings even closer – many teams in the run for their respective class Championship and those further down separated by a couple of points. This would set up the September round to be a cracker – it did not disappoint.

Team JRH was back this round, despite having a couple of team members down – they drafted in Scott Lee from Team JAM, a perfect companion for Elliot Mason.

<strong>Scott Lee</strong> (Pictured back in 2016, winning Young driver of the year award)

Scott Lee (Pictured back in 2016, winning Young driver of the year award)

Spectre Racing was a man down with an injured Stephen Cornwell – ABA Racing’s Piers would jump in the seat to race alongside Derek & Matt. DAD Racing also would call on the support of ABA Racing, Ben Bishop would go face to face with Piers.

This month we welcomed two brand new teams, Renegade Monkeys. Steve Aldridge would brave the 4 hours all by himself and Raider Racing #2! The team’s 2nd entry into the series this time as a Clubman team.

<strong>Renegade Monkeys, </strong>Photo Credit :- Sprocket Photography

Renegade Monkeys, Photo Credit :- Sprocket Photography

<strong>Raider Racing 2 #66</strong>, Photo Credit :- Sprocket Photography

Raider Racing 2 #66, Photo Credit :- Sprocket Photography


It was Piers Prior who stole the show, firmly securing Spectre Racing on the top spot with a jaw-dropping time of 41.269, somewhat 2-3 tenths quicker than anyone else around them. Their first pole of the season.

Raider Racing secured 2nd place in just two laps! a time of 41.510 ensured they lined up next to the number 6 of Spectre Racing. 

2nd to 5th was mighty close, separated by hundreds. Polish Lambo V2 put in an incredible time of 41.530, trying to push for 2nd but were unable to in the later stages of Qualifying and settled for 3rd. Lambo Racing who had been a victim of some bad luck this year took 4th, a return to form for the team. Custom Rods secured 5th place with a time of 41.547.

Championship leaders, Helicopter Services were not far off in 6th but would only put in 16 laps.

In Clubman Zingrae Racing would that their first pole position of the year with a 41.731. The valuable point would assist in their championship fight with Artifex Racing who had to settle for 2nd with a time of 41.993.

HP Racing looked mighty strong this month with a time of 41.996, securing them 3rd not far off 2nd place! The newly formed team this year looking stronger each round. Burton Power Racing would take 4th place with a 42.000 – Chris Bell racing for them this round and Polish Lambo takes 5th with a 42.016.

Both JND Racing & GKD would struggle this month, a respective 10th and 11th place. KA Racing who were in the fight for the Clubman Championship would find themselves a little further down than they would have liked – 24th place.

The brand new team of S&S Racing would make qualifying and the race this month to qualify 28th after being plagued with mechanical issues in the last couple of months.

CSM Lambo & JRH would start from the back due to technical infringements.


Just before the green flag dropped, you could sense the tension in the paddock. For the majority of teams, this was a key race as the Championship falls into the closing stages. The green flag drops and 31 karts surge into Stadium as Raider Racing gets caught up on the outside and spins. On the second hairpin, Renegade Monkeys gets bumped putting Steve Alridge into a spin and demoting him to last place!

Lap 1 and it’s Polish Lambo V2 at the front, Custom Rods are chasing down followed nose to tail. Spectre Racing drop 6 positions, in 8th.

Zingrae Racing are leading clubman to Sticky Monkeys who are our biggest movers on lap 1 – gaining an incredible 10 positions, they are now sitting in 10th and 2nd in class! 

After the first corner spin Raider Racing is 15th, sitting between KA Racing and HP Racing. Renegade Monkeys are now 28th with it all to do. Despite both starting last, CSM Lambo is up to 23rd and JRH Racing are 19th – gaining 9 places on the opening lap!

Lap 2 and Custom Rods go for the lead as Polish Lambo V2 go offline and have to drive through the cut through – losing them 4 places. Custom Rods now leading Lambo Racing and Helicopter Services. Spectre Racing down to 9th now as GKD take them for 8th.

Renegade Monkeys are on a charge, now up to 23rd – taking another 5 places.

Disaster for current championship leaders Helicopter Services as they are given a black flag for an incident on the first lap.

An intense battle between Sticky Monkeys, Artifex, Polish Lambo, Raider Racing (Who are recovering from their first lap incident) Universal Racing and Burton Power are all separated by a second!

<strong>The Clubman battle!</strong> Photo Credit :- Sprocket Photography.

The Clubman battle! Photo Credit :- Sprocket Photography.

Raider Racing 2 drop two positions to Alpha and March Racing on lap 4. Now in 25th in their first RHPK race.

The Clubman battle for 6th place is still raging as Burton Power jump both KA and HP Racing, a couple of laps later Artifex, Polish Lambo, and Universal join the battle for 3rd!

Lap 21 Its Zingrae still leading from Sticky Monkeys by 6 seconds. 5 seconds further down the road its the battle for 3rd this time headed up by Burton Power Racing. Renegade Monkeys now up to 12th overall.

Custom Rods are out in front with a lead now of 4 seconds to Lambo Racing. Pole sitters Spectre Racing are down in 9th.

Lap 23 and DAD Racing take Lambo Racing for second, pace wise they are not far off the leaders but it’s not enough as Custom Rods starts to pull away.

Lap 40 JND Racing make the move on Zingrae Racing for 6th place but are a further 7 seconds behind Polish Lambo V2.

Lap 53 Burton Power Racing take Sticky Monkeys for 2nd in class.

Raider Racing are on the move, taking Lambo Racing for 3rd and then DAD for 2nd on lap 66. They are now 9 seconds behind Custom Rods. 

Lap 68 and Spectre Racing dive in the pits for an early pit stop – they put out the formidable Piers Prior to chase for the lead.

Spectre Racing making an early stop. Photo Credit :- Sprocket Photography

Spectre Racing making an early stop. Photo Credit :- Sprocket Photography

Just before the surge of pit stops, Polish Lambo V2 are chasing down the sister team of Lambo Racing for 4th place, lap 96 and they make the move now chasing down DAD Racing who is 9 seconds further upfield.

Euro Lambo who looks like they are struggling this month has just pitted and back out in 22nd place.

As the Race gets well underway and into the last hour of the race Spectre Racing are out in a comfortable lead, 35 seconds separate Custom Rods in 2nd. Lambo Racing in 3rd being caught by Renegade Monkeys at a rapid rate!

Despite Raider Racing looking like they would secure another strong podium this round, they fell victim to a mechanical failure taking them completely out of the fight for the top spot.

In Clubman Zingrae Racing have put in a very convincing performance and are out in front. Burton Power Racing currently sitting in second some way behind Zingrae, Sticky Monkeys who have really shown another level of performance this round are in 3rd, March Racing in 4th with Clubman Championship leaders, Artifex in 5th with no answer to Zingrae’s pace this round.

<strong>Sticky Monkeys on top form this round</strong>, Photo Credit :- Sprocket Photography

Sticky Monkeys on top form this round, Photo Credit :- Sprocket Photography

The battle that everyone is watching as the race enters the last 15 minutes is the JRH and Polish Lambo V2 battle. JRH suffered a slight delay in the pits putting them a little further back in the battle for the last podium spot, 5th place.

JRH are chasing down Lambo V2 as they trade lap times trying to delay JRH’s grips! Both drivers are trying their best but it appears that Team JRH have the slight edge. Lap 325 and the gap is less than a second.

Lap 333 and JRH make the move for 5th! it sticks but Polish Lambo V2 have not given up, as it looks like they will counter-attack given that they are around traffic. After a number of nail-biting laps, the chequered flag drops with less than 0.372 between the two!

<strong>Team JRH</strong>, Photo Credit :- Sprocket Photography

Team JRH, Photo Credit :- Sprocket Photography

A tribute to the newly formed Polish Lambo V2, in just their 3rd race in RHPK (and first Pro-Karting Series) the very young team should be proud of what they have achieved – to be racing alongside some very established teams, missing out of the podium step this time I’m confident they will be fighting up the top end frequently. Well done and a fantastic display of clean racing from both teams.

Spectre Racing take a well-deserved win! Custom Rods secure 2nd place, a fantastic drive from Sam Read. Renegade Monkeys take an incredible 3rd place after the 1st lap incident put Steve Aldridge at the back, he put 4 incredible hours on his Own! Being back by Wayne Edwards on the Comms – Steve, without our doubt, gets our driver of the day award.

Lambo Racing will be very pleased to take 4th after their season so far and JRH take a well deserved 5th place trophy after their drive from the back.

In Clubman its a very convincing win from Zingrae Racing, their 2nd win this year will no doubt leapfrog Artifex in the standings. Burton Power Racing take a well deserved 2nd place, their best result of the year! Artifex Racing secure 3rd place and Stick Monkeys take 4th spot – a stunning result for the team, who go on to take Clubman team of the day. Polish Lambo take the last spot on the Clubman podium.

Driver of the Day :- Renegade Monkeys
Super Team of the Day :- Polish Lambo V2
Clubman Team of the Day :- Sticky Monkeys
Fastest Lap :- Custom Rods, Sam Read


Round 7 - September 2018 Qualifying

16Spectre RacingSuper1741.269
223Raider RacingSuper241.51
320Polish Lambo V2Super3541.53
47Lambo RacingSuper2141.541
52Custom RodsSuper3141.547
61Helicopter ServicesSuper1641.592
856Zingrae RacingClubman1941.731
925Renegade MonkeysSuper1241.763
1018JND RacingSuper3441.788
119GKD RacingSuper2941.799
1222Euro LamboSuper3541.875
1468HP RacingClubman3541.996
1530Burton Power RacingClubman3342
1664Polish LamboClubman4042.016
1763Alpha RacingClubman3142.109
1857March RacingClubman2842.19
1933Monkey MotorsportClubman1142.259
2042Universal RacingClubman3442.285
2141AEC RacingClubman2342.325
2237Team Eyrie AlsoClubman3642.515
2339Silverline RacingClubman3242.559
2431KA RacingClubman3542.618
2638Pelam RacingClubman3042.77
2766Raider Racing 2Clubman2443.751
2865S&S RacingClubman1845.748
DSQ34CSM LamboClubman2842.524
DSQ5JRH RacingSuper941.898

Round 7 - September 2018 Race

16Spectre RacingSuper33941.663
22Custom RodsSuper33937.14141.453
325Renegade MonkeysSuper3381 Lap41.717
47Lambo RacingSuper3381 Lap41.63
55JRH RacingSuper3372 Laps41.774
620Polish Lambo V2Super3372 Laps41.628
71Helicopter ServicesSuper3372 Laps41.64
89GKD RacingSuper3363 Laps41.852
956Zingrae RacingClubman3363 Laps41.774
1030Burton Power RacingClubman3354 Laps41.894
1124D.A.DSuper3354 Laps41.536
1222Euro LamboSuper3345 Laps42.139
1332ArtifexClubman3336 Laps41.907
1433Monkey MotorsportClubman3327 Laps41.951
1564Polish LamboClubman3327 Laps42.158
1657March RacingClubman3327 Laps42.144
1734CSM LamboClubman32712 Laps42.37
1839Silverline RacingClubman32514 Laps42.603
1936BMHClubman32514 Laps42.808
2038Pelam RacingClubman32415 Laps42.673
2168HP RacingClubman32415 Laps41.929
2231KA RacingClubman32415 Laps42.307
2366Raider Racing 2Clubman32316 Laps43.296
2442Universal RacingClubman32217 Laps42.108
2563Alpha RacingClubman31227 Laps42.174
2637Team Eyrie AlsoClubman30336 Laps42.444
2718JND RacingSuper29940 Laps41.745
2823Raider RacingSuper24495 Laps41.512
2941AEC RacingClubman226113 Laps42.172
3065S&S RacingClubman216123 Laps44.481
  Alpha Timing Results

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