Round 6 – 13th August 2016

Round 6 – 13th August 2016

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Running into the second half of the RHPK 2016 Season there are still many places on the Championship table to settle. The run up to round 6, like the previous rounds was becoming very lively on our Facebook group.

We had another epic turn out this month – 28 karts on the grid. New comers “Kiss My Haase Racing” delaying their debut race until September & blast from the past, Geforce Racing back in October.

Celebrating their birthday this round was Helicopter Services, Ben Cooks Girl Friend, Charlotte!

This month the Karting Magazine team, after being on the receiving end of some very bad luck brought back Joe Scorey who would hopefully get the kart and the team back on track. He was joined by Super One Rotax Max champion Sam Marsh and Team Captain, Lee Henderson.

Team Karting Magazine this month

Team Karting Magazine this month

Continuing our very popular feature where we unleash a new car around the track every month – Jay Shepard agreed to bring down his FunCup car to demonstrate their fantastic series which was covered by the Karting Magazine a couple of months back here… The Funcup team not only brought down their 1.8 Audi powered race car – but entered a brand new team into the race!

We held a competition a week before the race for someone to jump in the passenger seat of the FunCup car for a couple of demo laps, then go onto lead the karts on the warm up laps. The prize, picked at, it went to Andrew Bishop Senior, ABA Racing.

The FunCup car at the front of the grid, ready to start the race.

The FunCup car at the front of the grid, ready to start the race.


This month the Saturday Sausage fest was sponsored by Alex Huff & Ryan Musk’s company – Book It Now

As usual Superstars Phil & Greg from Team Lambo cooking lunch for all of our teams.


Once again very close all the way down the field. 1 second covered the top 18.

Helicopter Services takes the top spot in front of the field – not completely dominated by the mighty team this year, both ABA & Custom Rods have out qualified them in the last couple of rounds.

Helicopter Services, 1st with a 41.592, Baron Racing back this round to qualify an impressive 2nd, just missing out on pole with a 41.663 and ABA Racing round up the top three with a 41.705.

In Clubman KA Racing take their first Pole position this year with a 42.224, out qualifying both the mighty Amigos & Burton Power Racing this month. Amigos take the second spot with a very close 42.264 and Neptune Motorsport round up the top three with a 41.265. One of the closest qualifying sessions we’ve seen all year in Clubman – any of the top 5 in Clubman could of taken it. Wow!



Chris McCarthy’s Grid Walk, Interviewing Jay from the FunCup, Andrew Bishop Senior (Competition Winner) & Various drivers on the grid.

















As the green flag drops Helicopter Services lead the pack into the first corner closely followed by ABA & Baron Racing.  KA Racing lead Clubman teams Amigos who look on the outside and NMA Racing. Lee Henderson starts in his first race start in Team Karting Magazine.

Focus Racing make up two places in Lap 2, ITS Racing making up a further 5 places and Pelam making up three positions on the 2nd lap. BMH become the first victim to a mechanical issue – a wheel falling off on the warm up laps meant they started in the pitlane, they later go onto retire due to a cracked chassis.

On lap 3 Team Eyrie drop 7 places, KA Racing are still leading the pack of Clubmans. Lap 5 saw Custom Rods take third place away from Baron Racing – although they are unable to make any further ground throughout the race. ITS Racing make a further two places in consecutive laps into 6th place.

JAB Racing pushing the kart into Pylon!

JAB Racing pushing the kart into Pylon!

By Lap 25 Evolution who started dead last are in 4th place and charging hard. On lap 28 there is a change of lead in Clubman, Amigos take the lead as KA Racing drops a couple of places.

NMA Racing have an issue on lap 40 where they drop 13 places. A real shame for the team as they showed so much pace during practice and qualifying.

As the race comes to a close JRH Racing at in a very strong 5th place – which looks almost certain until a slight mistake means they have to pit to change a front tyre with 8 minutes to go.

Helicopter Services takes another sterling win by 2 laps to a well deserved ABA Racing in 2nd and Baron Racing round up the top three in third. A very strong drive from the boys at ITS Racing 1 secures them 4th and Focus Racing take 5th on the podium.

In Clubman, Amigos take the win over Evolution in second, JAB Racing round up the top three in third. Burton Power Racing and Polish Lambo take 4th and 5th on the podium. A notable mention to Team CET who just miss out on a podium spot – the guys are looking quicker each round now in their brand new chassis. Well done guys.

Newly promoted team, HRS Racing 2 who were so strong in morning practice suffered issues throughout the race. A real shame for the team considering their pace.

Team Karting Magazine take a very credible 7th place – a much needed strong finish for the team after their recent streak of bad luck.

FunCup Racing, formed Jay Shepherd and brothers Edward And Christopher Bridle finish the full race distance after a very busy week which meant they had to get the kart ready in morning practice. They went onto finish in a very respectful 17th place. A real pleasure to have Jay and the team down for Round 6.


Round 6 - August 2016 Qualifying

16Helicopter Services (SP)2041.5921951.096
215Baron Racing (SP)2041.6632051.009
310ABA Racing (SP)2141.7051950.958
42Custom Rods (SP)1441.8081150.832
54JRH Racing (SP)2941.9732250.632
618Team Wraith (SP)4142.0973250.483
77Focus Racing (SP)2342.12050.48
812Team JAM (SP)1042.137750.435
916Team Eyrie (SP)2742.1771350.387
1031KA Racing (C)3642.2442850.307
119ITS Racing 1 (SP)2642.2542550.296
1232Amigos (C)3442.2643350.284
1338Neptune Motorsport (C)3642.2653250.282
1437NMA Racing (C)2042.2832050.261
1551Polish Lambo (C)3042.3052150.235
1617Karting Magazine (SP)2742.313950.225
1749Burton Power Racing (C)2942.3242050.212
1819HRS Racing 2 (SP)2442.4781250.03
1933JAB Racing (C)3542.6513449.827
2034Team CET (C)2642.7082249.761
2145Artifex Racing (C)2942.7482949.714
2222FunCup Racing (SP)1942.7531049.709
2335Silverline Racing (C)3342.8792649.562
2440Pelam Racing (C)1642.9091249.528
2554Team Eyrie Also (C)2642.981349.446
2652Richspeed Racing (C)3243.0573049.358
2736BMH (C)3143.6291748.71
2839Evolution (C)1443.766348.558

Round 6 - August 2016 Race

16Helicopter ServicesSuper34041.551
210ABA RacingSuper3382 Laps41.691
315Baron RacingSuper3373 Laps41.856
49ITS Racing 1Super3355 Laps42.162
57Focus RacingSuper3346 Laps42.097
62Custom RodsSuper3346 Laps41.886
717Karting MagazineSuper3346 Laps42.153
818Team WraithSuper3337 Laps42.304
94JRH RacingSuper3337 Laps42.105
1012Team JAMSuper3337 Laps42.11
1132AmigosClubman3337 Laps42.288
1239EvolutionClubman3328 Laps41.796
1333JAB RacingClubman3328 Laps42.38
1449Burton Power RacingClubman3319 Laps42.499
1551Polish LamboClubman33010 Laps42.391
1634Team CETClubman32911 Laps42.52
1722FunCup RacingSuper32911 Laps42.401
1852Richspeed RacingClubman32614 Laps42.742
1940Pelam RacingClubman32416 Laps42.479
2035Silverline RacingClubman32218 Laps42.827
2116Team EyrieSuper31228 Laps42.121
2231KA RacingClubman30931 Laps42.38
DNF45Artifex RacingClubman30337 Laps42.482
2454Team Eyrie AlsoClubman28555 Laps43.243
2519HRS Racing 2Super25090 Laps42.444
DNF38Neptune MotorsportClubman215125 Laps42.592
DNF37NMA RacingClubman120220 Laps42.271
DNF36BMHClubman52288 Laps44.358


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