Round 3 – 12th May 2018

Round 3 – 12th May 2018

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Round 3 – the round before the point drop. Teams can drop their lowest point scoring round. The 2018 season for some has been tough, we’ve seen a number of top teams fall victim to issues taking them out of the race, as a result, the Championship is wide open and will continue to develop as the year unfolds. Saturday started on a very dry track – rain was promised, but when? We saw a healthy 31 karts booked in for Round 3.

The month we welcomed a brand new team, HP Racing. The team is made up of two main drivers. Harrison Pughe and Tom Pughe. They are powered by a 7Kart chassis running UFO prepared engines. The team are no strangers to endurance racing, they are current DAYTONA DMAX 24 hour Champions!

Round 3 opened up to a dry track, this would change in Qualifying!

Round 3 opened up to a dry track, this would change in Qualifying!

We were excited to announce that this months pace car will feature The MK GT1 prototype sports car! Some of you will recognise the car from 2016 – we had previously planned to run the car but poor weather conditions meant we had to cancel the car at short notice.

Unfortunately, the time on the track for the MK GT1 Prototype was cut short due to the very wet conditions, the car running slick tyres struggled to stay on the track! But Stuart Watts managed to put a couple of laps in.

Once again we had the pleasure of Anatolij Dulko (YouTube Channel IRS) capturing the paddock and interviewing a number of our teams. Anatolij has made a number of videos on youtube based on RHPK, head over to his channel now!


Minutes before qualifying, there is a hive of activity within the dummy grid. Almost all teams are swapping over to wet tyres as the track becomes very damp – the expected rain on queue to mix up qualifying.

A number of teams sticking to the top of the qualifying board on the first couple of out laps as the track becomes increasingly wet. Lambo Racing puts in a time which was thought no one could beat, 49.018 until Helicopter Services, on lap 24 manages to shave a tenth off with a 48.983.

Helicopter Services takes pole position, Lambo Racing has to settle for 2nd, they try and better their time but are unable to do so. Custom Rods will line up on the second row of the grid with 3rd place, 49.165JND Racing puts in their best qualifying time to date with a time of 49.449 and secures them 4th on the grid. Rounding up the top 5 is Polish Lambo with a time of 49.729. 

Spectre Racing, Championship leaders are outside the top 5 in 6th place.

In the Clubman class, DAD Racing put in a very quick time of 49.963, taking the point for pole position. Adam from KA Racing is once again flying and just missing out on the top spot with a time of 50.164. Euro Lambo takes 3rd with a time of 50.409, Team Eyrie Also are 4th just behind Euro Lambo with a 50.464.



The rain is here to stay and the track suitability wet. The green flag drops as 31 karts enter stadium bend without incident. Helicopter Services leads the pack into the first lap. Spectre Racing making up 3 positions, Custom Rods dropping down to 5th.

Highest mover on lap one is Team JAM, moving up 6 places – now chasing down Team Eyrie Also for 13th place.

HP Racing in their first RHPK race jumps up 5 places to 24th position. Very promising start for the team.

Euro Lambo is leading the Clubman pack to KA Racing, who are looking very strong this month. DAD Racing dropping 5 places, down to 15th place in between Universal Racing and Team Eyrie Also.

Lap 2, JND Racing are on a charge. Their 3rd race in Super and now in 3rd position battling with Spectre Racing. Helicopter Services have pulled a 1 gap to Lambo Racing.

Lap 3 and GKD Racing take Polish Lambo V2 for 6th place. March Racing take Emric Racing for 22nd place just a second behind Monkey Motorsport with their brand new livery this month. Burton Power Racing fall 2 places to Monkey Motorsport and BMH Racing.

Lap 10 and Helicopter Services have edged out a 3 second lead to Lambo Racing. JND Racing just a second behind followed by Custom Rods and GKD Racing.

KA Racing

KA Racing

Euro Lambo are just leading the Clubman pack, the charging KA Racing Team Eyrie Also hot on their heels.

Team Eyrie Also makes the move on KA Racing who has the yield and takes 2nd in class. However, it’s short-lived as KA Racing manages to take the place back on lap 19.

Disaster for Team Lambo as they nosedive down the standings on lap 21. A misfiring engine forces them to pit but ultimately takes them out of the race for a podium position this round. Another blow for the team who had issues in Round 2.

Pelam Racing Racing fall victim to the first black flag, Advantage by Contact, causing Universal Racing to spin. They would receive another black flag as Paul Lambourne loses control going into Pylon and makes a sizable gap through the tyre wall. He rejoins the other side of the corner, having missed Pylon completely!

BMH Racing (Left) Pelam Racing (Right)

BMH Racing (Left) Pelam Racing (Right)

Lap 31 and Team Eyrie Also are leading the Clubman field to DAD Racing who have climbed up the grid and KA Racing just under 2 seconds behind.

Monkey Motorsport are in 17th and being hounded by Artifex Racing and BMH Racing who are fighting for position.

HP Racing and Alpha Racing 21st and 22nd, just in front of Silverline Racing who is 3 seconds further down the track, Wicks Racing 25th, a further 9 seconds behind.

Lap 70 and Custom Rods is chasing JND Racing for 2nd place, the gap down to 5 seconds now. Helicopter’s lead of 12 seconds remains consistent until they are shown a black flag for overtaking on a yellow flag, Helicopter Dart into the pits for a stop-go as JND Racing are now leading the race.

Helicopter Services are now released from the pits but have to make another stop to change drivers, dropping them down to 11th place.

Disaster for ABA Racing as they are stranded on the track and unable to get one of their engines fired up. The kart is wheeled back to the pits, later investigation confirms issues with the throttle linkage. A devastating blow for the team who looked to shine in the last half of the race.

Meanwhile in Clubman Team Eyrie Also are leading after KA Racing pit. March Racing are now running 3rd in class, a tribute to the returning team who will be back for the remainder of the year.

Lap 111 HP Racing are chasing down the recovering Universal Racing, as they put in their fastest lap of the race, now just 3 seconds behind. Their pace at this stage slightly quicker.

HP Racing in their Debut Race

HP Racing in their Debut Race

The charging Team JAM is now running 2nd behind Custom Rods as we see a number of teams pit to take on fuel. Zingrae Racing are running 1st in class, Euro Lambo less than a second behind!

Lap 118 HP Racing make the move on Universal Racing for 19th place, they now have Emeric Racing less than 5 seconds in front – a fantastic charge from them in their debut race.

Lap 145 and it’s JRH Racing who is on a charge, setting their quickest time thus far and one of the quickest karts on the track currently.

Team JAM is forced to pit due to a mechanical defect – the sidepod is bent up due to a coming together with HRS1.

Mid-way through the race, the rain starts once again as the pace starts to slow down. Euro Lambo leading the Clubman pack once again to CSM Lambo and Zingrae Racing.

DAD has dropped out the chase for the clubman lead due to issues and is no less than 93 laps off the lead – but back out on track.

Custom Rods are forced to make another pit stop, they would later retire due to a serious fuel leak.

It’s GKD who are leading the race from Spectre Racing and Helicopter Services. GKD Racing, unfortunately, received a penalty for engines on in the pits and dropped down the order. A real shame for the team who looked likely to win.

GKD missing out on the win

GKD missing out on the win

Just before the Chequered flag drops Helicopter Services are struggling for pace, it appears that they are down one engine – JRH a lap behind in 2nd place trying desperately to pull back as much time as possible but it’s too late as the flag drops.

Helicopter Services take the win. JRH Racing take an incredible 2nd place, a stunning drive from the team – their best result in RHPK to date! Spectre Racing secure third place. Polish Lambo V2 is on the podium yet again with another stunning result, 4th place and rounding up the top 5 is Team JAM. JAM had to make an additional pit stop due to their side pod and ran out of fuel coming into the pits costing them more time on their last stop – a real shame as we would have seen a better result from the team this round.

In Clubman Euro Lambo take another comfortable win to March Racing who take second place! A real pleasure to see the team back together after the devastating news this year of Michael March. The team is back for the rest of the 2018 season! Team Eyrie Also who looked strong all day take a well deserved 3rd place. CSM Lambo takes their first podium of the season with a 4th place and rounding up the top 5 is HP Racing in their debut race with RHPK, a 5th place!


Team of the Day :- 
Driver of the Day :- Scott Lee (Team JAM)
Michael March Trophy :- Custom Rods

Round 3 - May 2018 Qualifying

11Helicopter ServicesSuper2648.983
27Lambo RacingSuper2049.018
32Custom RodsSuper2649.165
418JND RacingSuper3149.449
519Polish LamboSuper3049.729
66Spectre RacingSuper1449.784
74ABA RacingSuper949.801
89GKD RacingSuper2249.872
1020Polish Lambo V2Super2250.031
115JRH RacingSuper2950.101
1231KA RacingClubman2550.164
1313HRS 1Super1550.372
1435Euro LamboClubman2150.409
1537Team Eyrie AlsoClubman2950.464
1642Universal RacingClubman2850.65
1734CSM LamboClubman1750.687
1830Burton Power RacingClubman1450.736
1956Zingrae RacingClubman2250.846
2010Team JAMSuper550.926
2133Monkey MotorsportClubman750.969
2239Silverline RacingClubman1751.022
2360Emric RacingClubman1351.413
2563Alpha RacingClubman3151.821
2638Pelam RacingClubman2151.879
2757March RacingClubman2151.903
2968HP RacingClubman2053.02
3059Wicks RacingClubman1754.417
3146Too Many PiesClubman1155.652

Round 3 - May 2018 Race

11Helicopter ServicesSuper28049.002
25JRH RacingSuper2791 Lap49.143
36Spectre RacingSuper2782 Laps48.964
420Polish Lambo V2Super2782 Laps49.944
535Euro LamboClubman2782 Laps48.922
610Team JAMSuper2773 Laps49.061
757March RacingClubman2773 Laps48.934
837Team Eyrie AlsoClubman2755 Laps49.97
934CSM LamboClubman2755 Laps49.347
109GKD RacingSuper2755 Laps48.974
1168HP RacingClubman2755 Laps49.036
1219Polish LamboSuper2728 Laps49.019
1332ArtifexClubman2719 Laps49.605
1433Monkey MotorsportClubman27010 Laps50.558
1536BMHClubman26911 Laps50.412
1638Pelam RacingClubman26812 Laps49.336
174ABA RacingSuper26812 Laps49.021
1839Silverline RacingClubman26812 Laps49.634
1960Emric RacingClubman26812 Laps50.292
2030Burton Power RacingClubman26812 Laps49.707
2131KA RacingClubman26317 Laps50.147
227Lambo RacingSuper25921 Laps48.931
2356Zingrae RacingClubman25822 Laps49.624
2463Alpha RacingClubman25723 Laps49.186
2513HRS 1Super25327 Laps49.148
262Custom RodsSuper25030 Laps48.761
2746Too Many PiesClubman24535 Laps53.476
2818JND RacingSuper23743 Laps48.985
2959Wicks RacingClubman21565 Laps52.595
3042Universal RacingClubman18397 Laps49.877
3153D.A.DClubman32248 Laps49.795


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