Round 7 – 9th September 2017

Round 7 – 9th September 2017

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With the end of the season fast approaching, leading to some very mixed weather conditions. Round 7 was forecast for rain throughout the race. Two teams, unfortunately, pulled out, the highly anticipated SMB Racing and  7 4 Hire.

This month we welcomed a brand new team, “Too Many Pies” headed up by Gary Beamish who was looking to return to RHPK after taking part in the early years. We also welcomed back Clinton Bell, Clinton used to work at Ryehouse and was clerk of the course for RHPK. Reece Shepherd joined forces once again with Team CET – we possibly may see him stay with the team until the end of the season.

This months pace car is far the fastest machine we’ve had so far,  a Nissan GTR which is Litchfield Stage 5.5 tuned, running 775.5BHP and 638.5 lb.ft Torque
The car Running a set of LM800 Turbos with 1100cc injectors, Uprated LM Intakes, Nissan R35 GTR Race Intercooler, Litchfield 102MM Y Pipe and Exhaust system.

Litchfield Stage 5.5 Nissan GTR

Litchfield Stage 5.5 Nissan GTR

The drama unfolded before even qualifying started. The first practice got underway on a damp track, as the session progressed the track started to dry. Just as drivers were starting to drive dry conditions some water was brought onto the track and the session was red flagged as 5-6 karts ended up in the barriers at ridges elbow. Among the teams were Custom Rods, Team Lambo and Amigos.


This month the Saturday Sausage fest was kindly sponsored by Alverstone Autos and Silverline Racing – cooked to perfection by the Lambo camp once again!




The track saw some light spots of rain just as the qualifying session started! Teams flocked to the track to get a lap in before any potential rain – however, it was not to be – the rain never came ensuring the session remained dry.

Once again we saw a very competitive qualifying session, just 1 second separated 1st to 28th place!

Helicopter Services secured pole position with a time of 41.691frequent pole sitters this year ABA Racing had no response and had to settle for second with a 41.759. Titan Motorsport managed 3rd with just 11 laps completed in qualifying, a 41.824 and RPM1 just behind with a 41.857.

HRS1 and Karting Magazine were further down the field in 10th and 11th

In Clubman Time Crisis take pole position with a 42.284, a fraction behind was Amigos 2 who look to be having a very strong last half of the year with a 42.298. March Racing took the 3rd spot with a time of 42.386 and a notable performance from Silverline Racing with a 42.392 which was achieved quite late in the session, lap 34. The team looks to be getting quicker and quicker this season.

Current Clubman Championship leaders, JND were 6th in class.



All 33 karts make it round the first corner without incident, Custom Rods jump ABA and RPM at the start to take 3rd. RPM losing out on the outside of the track, down to 9th place at the end of the first lap.

March Racing have a very strong start, taking 3 places to be leading the Clubman class into the first lap.

KA Racing gained 5 places on lap one, taking them up to 21st whilst Artifex losing out on 10 places.

Lap 5, Stuart Allen from Spectre Racing takes Amigos for 5th place, the team really stepping up their pace this round to go onto fight ABA and Custom Rods.

The forecast rain is getting closer – as the clouds are getting darker. Lap 17 saw some heavy rain catching a number of teams out. Titan Motorsport have a big off going into Pylon, taking damage which would eventually take them out of the race.

RPM1 making most of the rain, taking both Spectre Racing and ABA Racing on lap 18, trying to claw back after their start. On the same lap in some very tricky conditions JND Racing take March for 3rd in class.

Tactics comes into play in these tricky conditions, many teams making an early call to pull in the pits for wet tyres. Artifex Racing, Polish Lambo, JRH Racing, Silverline Racing, APL Too & KA Racing all pour into the pits to change tyres.

Artifex making the call for wet tyres

Artifex making the call for wet tyres

Silverline Racing changing to wets

Silverline Racing changing to wets

JRH Racing have issues whilst swapping over to wets, unable to get the wheel nuts off the hub. Despite their efforts they cut their losses and stay on slicks after losing 9 laps (8:05.848) in the pits.

Lap 28 – the rain has stopped and the track is already starting to dry. Disaster for those who pitted. Many on wets are just matching times on slick tyres.

Time Crisis (Slicks) – 45.240
Artifex (Wets) – 45.977

RPM1 are hunting down Helicopter Services for the lead, the gap down to just 5 seconds, but the track continues to dry suiting Helicopter Services who now start to increase the gap.

Time Crisis and Team Lambo are locked into a very close battle for 9th and just further up the road Stuart Allen, Spectre Racing is locked into a battle with Custom Rods for 3rd place.

Disaster for TNR Too who seem to spin on some water on the track into Stadium and went backwards into the tyres. The race is red flagged whilst Matt Tucker is attended to. He is well, just a little sore from the impact. The kart would later return to the track.

As the race gets restarted, there is more drama on the warm up lap, as Mark Beaumont from Custom Rods spins whilst warming up his tyres on… <*a Banana skin?> a completely dry track!

As the race is restarted there is a 3 way battle for the lead involving Helicopter Services, RPM & Spectre Racing.
Amigos 2 is leading the Clubman pack and go on to take Team Karting Magazine for 6th overall, 1st in class. Polish Lambo, Silverline & Artifex Racing are down the field due to their tyre change at the start of the race.

Towards the end of the race Team Karting Magazine was involved in an incident which put Luke Cousins in the tyre wall at Pylon. The race was stopped once again whilst the medics attended to Luke. Luke is well, just very shaken – we hope to see him next month!

Luke Cousins, Team Karting Magazine, involved in a incident at Pylon

Luke Cousins, Team Karting Magazine, involved in a incident at Pylon

More drama unfolded after the restart as RPM1 had a mechanical defect followed by a black flag after some contact with Helicopter Services saw their race written off.

As the race entered the closing stages it was clear that we would see a fight to the finish in Clubman. SJ Lambo were chasing down JND Racing for 1st place in class. The battle started with just 10 minutes to go until the end of the race, it was clear that Darrell Lowe had the pace but could he make the move in time?! Jaunius from JND was not making it easy for Darrell – tight driving and defending resulted in some very close racing. With less than 5 minutes to go Darrell lined himself on the outside for the second hairpin, previous attempts on the outside had proved useless – Darrell went for the undercut and made the move stick! He came past with just 4 minutes left on the clock. JND could not return the move and SJ Lambo passed took the chequred flag for their first Win!

Helicopter Services took their second win of the year, extending their Championship lead once again! Custom Rods took the second spot. After some fantastic driving by GKD – they took the 3rd spot on the podium, their highest position this year! ABA Racing took 4th and Team Amigos who look to be back their where they belong took the last spot on the podium, in 5th.

SJ Lambo took their first win – a fantastic win for the team considering their luck this year in RHPK. A very special moment as Darrell jumped up from the kart to celebrate with his team mates, Nick & Jo. Exactly what karting is all about. For the RHPK team, this years highlight of the season so far.
JND took second place, once again scoring high for their 2017 championship charge, just 2 tenths behind. Team Time Crisis took a well deserved 3rd place. Team CET took the 4th spot on the podium, the team once again on the podium this year with an immaculate reliability record. Burton Power WAGS the last spot on the grid with 5th.

Round 7 - September 2017 Qualifying

11Helicopter ServicesSuper2141.691
23ABA RacingSuper2641.759
319Titan MotorsportSuper1141.824
417RPM 1Super3141.857
52Custom RodsSuper1142.002
625GKD RacingSuper1842.037
724Spectre RacingSuper2842.144
88Lambo RacingSuper3742.152
1014HRS 1Super1742.228
1110Karting MagazineSuper3242.25
1262Time CrisisClubman3342.284
1359Amigos 2Clubman2142.298
1453March RacingClubman1942.386
1533Silverline RacingClubman3742.392
164JRH RacingSuper3342.463
1757SJ LamboClubman3842.469
1855JND RacingClubman2742.479
207Team JAMSuper3442.521
2142Eyrie CBSClubman3542.527
2238Universal RacingClubman2342.537
2337Pelam RacingClubman1342.62
2432Polish LamboClubman1142.621
2536KA RacingClubman3542.625
2635Team CETClubman1742.628
2754Burton Power WAGSClubman3542.636
2864TNR TooClubman1142.65
2931Burton Power RacingClubman2442.762
3134NMA RacingClubman2743.074
3256APL TooClubman2743.283
3368Too Many PiesClubman451.493
DNS60Chess RacingClubman0

Round 7 - September 2017 Race

11Helicopter ServicesSuper28941.754
22Custom RodsSuper2881 Lap41.834
325GKD RacingSuper2881 Lap42.072
43ABA RacingSuper2872 Laps41.937
522AmigosSuper2872 Laps41.987
624Spectre RacingSuper2863 Laps41.879
757SJ LamboClubman2854 Laps42.214
855JND RacingClubman2854 Laps42.218
962Time CrisisClubman2854 Laps42.126
108Lambo RacingSuper2845 Laps42.03
117Team JAMSuper2845 Laps42.47
1235Team CETClubman2827 Laps42.451
1354Burton Power WAGSClubman2818 Laps42.449
1431Burton Power RacingClubman2818 Laps42.505
1540BMHClubman2809 Laps42.627
1659Amigos 2Clubman27910 Laps42.003
1737Pelam RacingClubman27811 Laps42.813
1838Universal RacingClubman27811 Laps42.379
1934NMA RacingClubman27811 Laps42.908
2036KA RacingClubman27613 Laps42.339
2153March RacingClubman27514 Laps42.247
2242Eyrie CBSClubman27217 Laps42.419
234JRH RacingSuper27217 Laps42.534
2432Polish LamboClubman27217 Laps42.789
2541ArtifexClubman27019 Laps42.431
2633Silverline RacingClubman26425 Laps42.341
2756APL TooClubman26029 Laps42.944
2817RPM 1Super25732 Laps41.833
2910Karting MagazineSuper24049 Laps42.041
3068Too Many PiesClubman21475 Laps47.966
3119Titan MotorsportSuper20485 Laps41.752
3214HRS 1Super186103 Laps41.767
3364TNR TooClubman44245 Laps42.629
DNS60Chess RacingClubman0-


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