Round 5 – 8th July 2017

Round 5 – 8th July 2017

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Coming up for Mid-day through the 2017 Season – what a season it’s been so far. Once again the Monday after Junes round, we sold out within an hour of the phones opening up with one team already on the reserve list.

This month we welcomed two new teams. The Heros Return – made up of father and son Ken & Stanley Jones and RHPK regular, Wayne Edwards. Ken is very well respected within RHPK, having run the series for a number of years ~2004-2008. He paved the way for a unique Pro-Karting Series – Great to have him back racing with us.

TNR Racing (64) was another brand new entry into the series. The team headed up by Matt Tucker spectated for the whole race last month. Armed with their 7Kart MK1 they were looking to make a mark in their debut race. Sam Read who previously stood in for Artifex joined the team. Richspeed Racing and JAB Racing both returned this month.

SJ Lambo is back on a new chassis after writing their old one off last month in a very unfortunate crash which resulted in a red flag. The team looked very promising in the early stages of practice.

Team Karting Magazine changed their line-up this month and looked like a brand new team.

Luke driving the new Team Karting Magazine Kart

Luke driving the new Team Karting Magazine Kart

The team Leigh Babage, Luke Cousins and Andrew Cooch are now on a 7Kart XV powered by RPM Engines. The team was looking mighty strong throughout morning practice.

The RHPK Pace car this month was Bmw e36 325i Drift Car driven by the up and coming 2016 Pro-am Drift Champion, Danny Grundy. Danny put a number of laps in before the start of the race. Before the event we held a competition for a passenger ride alongside Danny. We had over 30 entries! Darrell Lowe from SJ Lambo won the seat!

Danny Grundy our RHPK pace car this month

Danny Grundy our RHPK pace car this month


This month we were visited by Kelgate Kart Brakes (Rene Lubbock & Jim Benson) who sponsored the Saturday Sausage fest along with RHPK Regulars, Pelam Racing. 

Lunch was provided once again by the Polish Camp, Sausages and Burgers were available to all of our teams.



Despite the clouds early on in the morning, Qualifying was a very hot and sunny 25c. With so much at stake in the Championship at the moment, there was a real sense of anticipation this round. Qualifying was back to the normal 30 minutes, some teams choosing to set their kart up further – Polish Lambo completing no less than 41 laps!

BMH failing to add lead to their kart was a costly mistake – as it meant they started at the back of the 36 kart grid.

At the front ABA Racing put a very quick time in, which was later beat by RPM Racing. Piers from ABA responded with a mighty 41.235 to set pole. RPM 1 had to settle for 2nd with a 41.337 and Helicopter Services seemed to be back up on form with a 3rd place, 41.413.

The biggest surprise of the day was Team Karting Magazine, with their strong pace in the morning, Luke from the team managed a well deserved 4th place.

In Clubman the show was stolen by Time Crisis with a Super time of 41.837. Yet another strong qualifying time for the newly formed team. RHPK are closely monitoring…

Amigos 2 took a well deserved 2nd place in Clubman with a time of 41.952 and SJ Lambo who out qualified all of their sister teams, even the red number 8 on the 3rd spot in Clubman – 14th overall. Clubman favorites, March Racing took 4th spot on the grid and JND who looked to be struggling for pace was a little further down in 24th place.


Chris McCarthy’s legendary grid walk this month speaking to our teams about their highs and lows of their qualifying positions.

Race Start!

Race Start!

Ben Bishop from ABA Racing who has been out of the seat due to an injury was back in the kart for the start of the race. As 36 Karts went into the first corner it was Helicopter Services who emerged leading after lap 1.

Highest mover on lap 1 was JND, gaining 7 places to take them up to 16th place. Polish Lambo drop 5 places on the first lap, down to 21st. Time Crisis despite losing a place to JRH remain the front runners in Clubman closely followed by Amigos 2 and SJ Lambo.

Lap 2, RPM waste no time getting past ABA for 2nd place and chase down Helicopter Services. Custom Rods taking 4th spot from Titan Motorsport – however the battle between the two teams would not end there – as they get locked in a close battle for the next 45 minutes chasing down ABA Racing for 3rd place.

Jack Goldsmith from Amigos 2 makes a move down the inside of Time Crisis on Stadium bend for the Clubman lead (10th overall) allowing GKD to follow through in some very close racing.

Time Crisis having to yield to GKD, Stephanie from SJ Lambo takes advantage and takes them down the inside for the first hairpin.

GKD hot on the tail of Amigos 2 closely followed by SJ Lambo.

APL Racing take Silverline for 22nd place and Burton Power Racing take Artifex Racing for 30th place.

Lap 5, Team Karting Magazine managed to get past HRS1 for 7th place, the position is promptly taken back on the next lap and then reversed back the following lap! They look to be on the move chasing down Team Amigos.

Burton Power Racing are slowly moving up, 26th place now after taking NMA Racing. In their 2017 return to RHPK, Richspeed Racing take Artifex for 32nd place.

As the race gets into full swing what can only be described as a rollercoaster of events for many teams. Custom Rods having to pit a little earlier than expected due to a loose steering wheel.
Team Karting Magazine who were looking so strong, having to pit earlier due to a cracked rear bumper – nothing that a number of cable ties can’t sort! Leigh goes back out for the last stint but the bumper ends up rubbing on the rear tyre – the team having to retire.

In the later stages of the race, March Racing is out front for the Clubman class, Lap 286 Polish Lambo followed closely by sister team, SJ Lambo take the lead! The lap after SJ take March for second in class.

Lap 293, disaster for March Racing as they lose a wheel bearing which completely removes them out of the running for a decent result after a lengthy pit stop.

Lap 300 – just less than 20 minutes to go until the chequered flag, RPM Racing who looked to have the race in the bag are forced to pit after losing a side pod. They get back out but in 4th place, the next 20 minutes a real push to real in Helicopter Services but they run out of time – just 2 seconds behind.

The bad luck does not stop there, with less than 10 minutes left, SJ Lambo’s throttle pedal snaps writing off their race – they were 2nd in class, Absolutely gutting for Joe, Darrell and Steph.

Titan Motorsport take a well deserved win

Titan Motorsport take a well deserved win

Titan Motorsport who have driven an absolutely flawless race taken a well-deserved win. ABA Racing who were chasing down Titan at the end but again ran out of time, come in underweight on the weighbridge – netting them a 10 lap penalty, down to 19th place.
So second goes to Helicopter Services followed closely by RPM Racing 1. Custom Rods take 4th and a real turn of pace for JRH Racing sees them taking the last spot on the podium in 5th.

Team Amigos who have not had the best of luck in their first year in Supers, finished a very well deserved 6th place, just missing out on the podium.

After a real battle in the Clubman class, the win goes to Polish Lambo, their first win of the 2017 season! The team has had a real mixed season so far, being on the pace but time after time unable to turn it into a win – as soon as their name is announced in the presentation for the win a big cheer is given to a truly unique team & family.

Time Crisis finish 2nd, a well-deserved podium place for the newly formed team. Despite their slower than normal pace, JND manages to hang onto 3rd, Amigos 2 after some great battles all the way through the field take 4th and KA Racing secure the last spot on the grid in 5th.

Two notable mentions, Artifex Racing just missing out on a podium and Team CET who look stronger each round finish in 7th – still holding their 100% race completion record.


Round 5 - July 2017 Qualifying

13ABA RacingSuper1741.235
217RPM 1Super1241.337
31Helicopter ServicesSuper2141.413
410Karting MagazineSuper2841.558
519Titan MotorsportSuper841.682
72Custom RodsSuper941.8
862Time CrisisClubman2441.837
914HRS 1Super1441.84
104JRH RacingSuper2441.857
1124Spectre RacingSuper2541.893
1225GKD RacingSuper2841.905
1359Amigos 2Clubman1441.952
1457SJ LamboClubman3941.98
1553March RacingClubman2242.052
1632Polish LamboClubman4142.058
178Lambo RacingSuper3042.121
187Team JAMSuper1342.123
1954Burton Power WAGSClubman2442.141
2036KA RacingClubman3042.282
2233Silverline RacingClubman3642.338
2331Burton Power RacingClubman1642.345
2455JND RacingClubman3942.393
2564TNR RacingClubman3642.425
2656APL RacingClubman2642.463
2735Team CETClubman1142.568
2834NMA RacingClubman2242.73
2930JAB RacingClubman3842.803
3058HRS 2Clubman842.883
3137Pelam RacingClubman3143.032
3246Richspeed RacingClubman3143.091
3367Sticky DickiesClubman3443.382
3463The Heroes ReturnClubman0
Ex42Team Eyrie AlsoClubman2942.112

Round 5 - July 2017 Race

119Titan MotorsportSP34141.531
21Helicopter ServicesSP34120.73241.455
317RPM 1SP34122.91641.378
42Custom RodsSP3392 Laps41.48
54JRH RacingSP3383 Laps41.826
622AmigosSP3383 Laps41.713
714HRS 1SP3383 Laps41.628
88Lambo RacingSP3374 Laps41.907
932Polish LamboC3365 Laps42.01
1025GKD RacingSP3365 Laps41.772
1162Time CrisisC3365 Laps41.853
1255JND RacingC3356 Laps42.191
1324Spectre RacingSP3356 Laps41.894
1459Amigos 2C3356 Laps41.77
1536KA RacingC3338 Laps41.958
1641ArtifexC3329 Laps41.986
1735Team CETC3329 Laps42.222
1831Burton Power RacingC3329 Laps42.287
193ABA RacingSP33110 Laps41.451
207Team JAMSP33011 Laps41.932
2142Team Eyrie AlsoC33011 Laps42.3
2257SJ LamboC32219 Laps41.959
2346Richspeed RacingC32219 Laps42.891
2437Pelam RacingC32021 Laps42.742
2564TNR RacingC31922 Laps42.394
2667Sticky DickiesC31823 Laps43.023
2753March RacingC31625 Laps41.84
2840BMHC31526 Laps42.435
2956APL RacingC29546 Laps42.238
3010Karting MagazineSP28556 Laps41.63
3154Burton Power WAGSC25487 Laps42.407
3234NMA RacingC207134 Laps42.928
3358HRS 2C202139 Laps42.78
3433Silverline RacingC185156 Laps42.927
3563The Heroes ReturnC133208 Laps42.926
3630JAB RacingC79262 Laps42.685


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