Round 2 – 8th April 2017

Round 2 – 8th April 2017

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After the success of the RHPK 2017 opener in March, the highly anticipated second round of the Championship opened it’s phone lines to a barrage of teams trying to get their place on the grid. We ended up with yet another capacity grid of 36 teams.

This month we welcomed back a couple of RHPK teams which we’ve not seen for some time. Stickies, Richard Hawcutt raced in RHPK back in 2002 and Team GKD who previously raced at RHPK in their first full season back in 2013, where they finished a very respectable 12th place overall in the Super class.

Credit @jack.goldsmith10

Morning Practice opened up to a very foggy track, the weather report looked promising for the day – expecting over 20c.

The fog cleared before the end of practice 2 leaving a perfectly clear sky which would continue throughout the race. The track was full of surprises, during the day Sammy Venables, Artifex Racing came across a couple of ducks who decided to take a walk on the track on Stadium – a first for RHPK!



Commentating this round was Alex Goldschmidt. Alex has recently been reporting on DTMs. He’s a Commentator for Downforce Radio and commentates on BRKC, run by Brad Philpot. This year Alex will be commentating on DMAX.

Alex Goldschmidt

Alex Goldschmidt

Unfortunately, the planned Jedi MK4 pace car for this month had to be canceled since it was damaged on track on the run up to Round 2. We expect it will return in the upcoming months to demo around Ryehouse. Jaunius Zukas from JnD Racing managed to source a worthy replacement on the day at such short noticed – a very special BMW Drift car.

Laba BMW E36 4.4 v8 supercharged
Power :400bhp+
Top speed: 160mph+

This month the Saturday Sausage Fest was cooked up by Stephanie Lutteridge’s uncle Bob and Dad, kindly sponsored by JnD Racing and ZJ Racing for all of our RHPK teams to enjoy!

Phil Lip from Polish Lambo will be sporting his new Sausage themed Helmet this month thanks to the support of the RHPK paddock.

Round 1 saw an interesting turn of events for Polish Lambo which resulting in a damaged helmet. Shortly after the event, Jose Carlos Ettwein from SJ Lambo created a Go Fund me page which raised an incredible £250. Phil agreed to have a sausage-themed Helmet as a tribute to the sponsors. It was issued to Phil in drivers briefing!

You can read the full story here…



Once again qualifying was incredibly close. The top 10 separated by less than half a second. This month Custom Rods put in a fantastic lap time early on in the session, a lap time of 41.388 secured them the pole. Helicopter Services just 0.112 behind took the spot alongside them on the grid and round 1 pole sitters, ABA Racing took 3rd followed by RPM 2.

In Clubman Team Eyrie Also took an incredibly close Clubman pole position with a 41.979 to Amigos 2 who were just 0.012 behind. Polish Lambo took the third spot in Clubman between a number of supers. LR Racing took 4th spot with a time of 41.165.

Clubman Round 1 winners, March Racing were in 5th. Super Team, JRH Racing who looked strong last round could only manage 18th on the grid, their direct rivals – Team JAM outpacing them and taking 9th.


Alex Goldschmidt carried out the grid and was our commentator on both the qualifying session and race.

As the green flagged dropped Custom Rods lead the pack into the first corner, but not for long – Piers Prior from ABA Racing manages to find space and takes the lead. RPM 1 & 2 closely behind, going into the hairpins. Coming through to complete the second lap RPM 2 & Helicopter Services take Custom Rods for 3rd and 4th place.

In Clubman it’s the newly formed Amigos 2 leading the pack to Polish Lambo in second. KA Racing – without a doubt, a team to watch this year, jump 4 spaces in the first lap to be hunting down Polish Lambo for 2nd. Team Eyrie Also, despite their Clubman pole drop 10 places on the start and drop down to 22nd.

The biggest mover on lap one goes to NMA Racing who jump 5 places.

Lap 2 see Titan Motorsport take Custom Rods for 5th place. Spectre Racing moving up as well into 9th place taking the returning Team GKD in 10th.

Lap 3 Amigos take Custom Rods for 6th place. Amigos suffering a number of issues in Round 1 appear to be coming back strong than ever. Team Karting Magazine currently in 12th place on their brand new chassis.

Lap 4, Helicopter Services takes 2nd from both RPM teams and is now pushing to catch ABA RacingSJ Lambo takes Team Eyrie Also for 22nd place.

Lap 11 Team Karting Magazine look to be pulling themselves through the field. Matt English is now 8th place after taking Custom Rods who are now 9th.

In Clubman it is a three-way fight between Amigos 2, LR Racing and Polish Lambo.

Lap 12 Helicopter Services take ABA Racing for the lead. GKD Racing & Focus Racing move up to 9th & 10th. JnD Racing takes SJ Lambo for 22nd.

Lap 14, disaster strikes for Polish Lambo. Before the race, the team had trouble starting one of their engines just as the grid was about to set off on the pace lap. They managed to finally start the engine to make the start. The team is crawling around the track to pit losing 17 places and ruining their chances of a podium spot this month. Such a shame for the team as they were the ones to watch after their strong performance last month.

Lap 35 there is a fantastic scrap between GKD, Karting Magazine and Focus Racing all battling for 8th place. Lap 70 Team Karting Magazine make a dash for the pits after a suspect puncture.

RPM 1 incurs a penalty for driving under the limbo bar, unfortunately, removing them from a chance of a podium this month.

A number of teams fall victim to mechanical issues. Team Jam losing a wheel bearing just outside the pits. The team looked so strong towards the end of the race. RPM 2 suffered a stub axel. Clubman R1 winners, March Racing also suffered issues removing them from contention.

In the last hour of the race, all eyes are on ABA Racing and Helicopter Services. After the round of pit stops, ABA is leading Helicopter Services by just 13 seconds. Over the last hour Helicopter would pull in on them but not enough – just 8 seconds in front after 4 hours, as the chequered flag drops ABA Racing take a well-deserved win! Helicopter Services settle for 2nd and Titan Motorsport who looked much quicker this month take 3rd place. Pole sitters Custom Rods do well to recover 4th place and the newly formed team of Spectre Racing take 5th.

In Clubman JnD Racing take the win over a mighty quick Team Eyrie Also this month in second. KA Racing take a fantastic 3rd place – a stunning result for the team who looked quick last month. Burton Power Racing takes the 4th spot and an incredible drive from both Wayne Edwards and Josh Harrison in Evolution to take a stunning 5th place on the podium!

Evolution had some bad luck on the run up to Round 2, also a last minute step in from Josh as Paul Allan was unable to make it.

SJ Lambo just missing out on a podium in 6th place, their best result so far – no doubt we will be seeing the team on the podium this year. A notable mention for Artifex Racing who all drove well to take 7th just behind SJ Lambo.


Round 2 - April 2017 Qualifying

12Custom RodsSuper4041.38810
21Helicopter ServicesSuper2941.519
33ABA RacingSuper3041.53828
418RPM 2Super2241.65222
517RPM 1Super2941.71326
719Titan MotorsportSuper1241.7712
824Spectre RacingSuper3441.81231
97Team JAMSuper1141.93410
1025GKD RacingSuper2441.96422
116Focus RacingSuper1441.97110
1242Team Eyrie AlsoClubman2541.97919
1359Amigos 2Clubman2341.99123
1410Karting MagazineSuper2842.02317
1532Polish LamboClubman4042.04118
1614HRS 1Super1342.0911
178Lambo RacingSuper2442.1211
184JRH RacingSuper3942.14221
1950LR RacingClubman3142.16523
2036KA RacingClubman3742.27734
2153March RacingClubman2242.29211
2255JND RacingClubman2042.32219
2531Burton Power RacingClubman1542.57114
2657SJ LamboClubman3842.67336
2733Silverline RacingClubman2042.85118
2835Team CETClubman1542.91113
2954Burton Power WAGSClubman2542.9325
3056APL RacingClubman3243.0458
3137Pelam RacingClubman2743.08925
3234NMA RacingClubman1143.53810
3367Sticky DickiesClubman1743.589
3458HRS 2Clubman1243.5946
3538ZJ RacingClubman1943.96810

Round 2 - April 2017 Race

13ABA RacingSuper34141.582
21Helicopter ServicesSuper3418.42641.439
319Titan MotorsportSuper34136.45241.609
42Custom RodsSuper3401 Lap41.521
524Spectre RacingSuper3383 Laps41.711
625GKD RacingSuper3383 Laps41.832
722AmigosSuper3374 Laps41.729
84JRH RacingSuper3365 Laps42.064
96Focus RacingSuper3365 Laps41.786
1055JND RacingClubman3347 Laps41.974
1110Karting MagazineSuper3347 Laps41.941
1242Team Eyrie AlsoClubman3329 Laps42.268
1336KA RacingClubman33110 Laps42.003
1431Burton Power RacingClubman33110 Laps42.277
158Lambo RacingSuper33110 Laps41.956
1643EvolutionClubman33011 Laps42.295
1757SJ LamboClubman33011 Laps42.42
1841ArtifexClubman32912 Laps42.486
1935Team CETClubman32912 Laps42.617
2054Burton Power WAGSClubman32912 Laps42.46
2137Pelam RacingClubman32813 Laps42.724
227Team JAMSuper32813 Laps42.193
2356APL RacingClubman32615 Laps42.862
2433Silverline RacingClubman32516 Laps42.481
2514HRS 1Super32417 Laps41.904
2650LR RacingClubman32120 Laps42.033
2767Sticky DickiesClubman31724 Laps42.981
2834NMA RacingClubman24992 Laps43.116
2959Amigos 2Clubman227114 Laps41.995
3017RPM 1SP225116 Laps41.752
3118RPM 2SP138203 Laps41.56
3253March RacingClubman114227 Laps42.179
3338ZJ RacingClubman58283 Laps43.771
3458HRS 2Clubman30311 Laps43.399
3532Polish LamboClubman14327 Laps42.378
DNS39Neptune MotorsportClubman0-


  Alpha Timing Results


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