R6 August – Post Race Update

R6 August – Post Race Update

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On Saturday morning during practice one, several teams approached the team and reported that a Super team, RPM 1 were down on personnel as their drivers were racing elsewhere and that another team would be driving in their place.

JH suggested that although he accepted the perception of a moral infringement, there were no rules (to JH’s knowledge) in place that prevented “team hopping”.
JH suggested that as with all matters not “absolutely” clear he would seek advice from Kelvin Nicholls and clarify details later.

On arrival, Kelvin looked at all of the details and after consideration commented that his only concern was that RPM1 may have had already used 4 drivers in previous rounds and to that degree felt that use of both SMB drivers might exceed the 5 driver eligibility rule (SRR13.) SMB was adamant that only 3 drivers had been used by RPM1 thus far this season and decided to race as RPM1.

During the drivers briefing, Kelvin addressed all, stating that the Cornwell brothers from SMB Racing were to be racing as RPM1. He also confirmed with the team, that at this late stage the organisers had no time to check records for drivers at previous rounds but would do so over the next couple of days.

Race control was happy that it was clear that use of any more drivers than Matthew Cornwell and his brother would breach, immediately, eligibility rule SRR13.

RPM1 subsequently used a third “new” driver which meant they were excluded from R6 under driver eligibility rule SRR13.


In 2016, the series chose to allow Team Karting Magazine to bring in a selection of drivers throughout the season, for promotional purposes; we feel this has helped create the grids we are currently achieving. Since the start of 2017, Team Karting Magazine have used just 4 drivers and remain a traditional fixed team.

This is the first time that SRR13 has ever been queried and for R7, the organisers will be double checking all team’s eligibility.

Aside from last Saturday, ZJ racing and confusion over a new team name and personnel for Josh’s team (cleared up and amended), no other teams have been proved to have used more than 5 drivers this season.

Historically on racedays a roll call hasn’t been taken, we have trusted you all to adhere to the rules. We will get around to all over the next couple of weeks to confirm your teams.

If any teams have serious concerns about their team’s future eligibility, please contact JH at the track 01992460895 ext. 1. We will look at the rules and regs over the winter period and revise them where we feel it will enhance the series.

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