2016 Winter Cup

2016 Winter Cup

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The first race of the 2016 Calendar, the Winter Cup.

Over the last couple of years the Winter Cup has been pushed under the carpet as an additional race. It Previously saw lower numbers due to teams not being ready or not wanting to put up with the colder, wet conditions which it is so famous for!

This year, given the complete re-brand to the series we thought we would change the format slightly and introduce a little spice to the proceedings. The race was made up of 2×2 hour races with a completely random grid! The grid for the second race was reversed, meaning if you were on pole for the first race, you started dead last for the second.

As teams turned up from 7am – it looked bright! the track was very green, but more importantly dry. Morning testing got underway with a very healthy attendance of 15 – which is a all time record for a RHPK Winter Cup. A number of teams expected in March came down to watch, CET, Custom Rods & Evolution.

We were also in the presence of some special guests, Chris McCarthy from the Karting Magazine who came down to watch and to get a feel for the series given that the Karting Magazine will be getting a team together for the RHPK Summer Series (Further Announcement to come) and Barry Lee down to see his Son, Freddie Lee driving for ITS 1.

The Winter Cup saw two very special guests, Barry Lee (UK Motorsport Legend) & Chris McCarthy (Karting Magazine)

A couple of teams had a slightly different drivers for this one off race, Shayne from Alverstone Autos driving for Amigos and Mark from Custom Rods driving for ITS Racing 1. A number of the karts looked very bare – keeping their brand new 2016 livery under wraps until March! (“Show us your 2016 Liveries” post to follow!)

A warm welcome to AZ RacingAttaq Motorsport, both in their first race with RHPK and at RyeHouse I believe, both teams have confirmed their commitment for the rest of the season.

As the teams lined up on their random grid spots the track was wet and had been since the start of practice two.


2016 Winter Cup - Race #1

PosClassTeamLapsFastest Lap
1SuperHelicopter Services (6)13052.613
2SuperITS Racing 1 (9)12953.034
3ClubmanAmigos (32)12654.685
4SuperJRH Racing (4)12455.154
5ClubmanBurton Power Racing (49)12256.038
6ClubmanJAKL Racing (33)12255.814
7ClubmanNeptune Motorsport (56)12155.949
8SuperLambo Racing (5)11756.659
9ClubmanSilverline Racing (35)11755.388
10SuperTeam Eyrie (16)11755.811
11ClubmanPelam Racing (40)11757.115
12ClubmanArtifex (45)11358.033
13ClubmanITS Racing 2 (46)11058.310
14ClubmanZJ Racing (48)7859.173
15ClubmanAttaq Motorsport (50)6956.534


2016 Winter Cup - Race #2

PosClassTeamLapsFastest Lap
1SuperHelicopter Services (6)11751.416
2SuperITS Racing 1 (9)11551.425
3ClubmanAmigos (32)11453.298
4ClubmanJAKL Racing (33)11154.171
5SuperTeam Eyrie (16)11154.301
6ClubmanBurton Power Racing (49)11154.198
7SuperJRH Racing (4)11054.287
8ClubmanNeptune Motorsport (56)11054.304
9SuperLambo Racing (5)10954.806
10ClubmanPelam Racing (40)10755.132
11ClubmanSilverline Racing (35)10656.170
12ClubmanITS Racing 2 (46)10257.191
13ClubmanArtifex (45)10255.685
14ClubmanZJ Racing (48)7858.400
15ClubmanAttaq Motorsport (50)957.493


Helicopter Services take the double win, closely hounded by ITS Racing 1 and Amigos a fantastic third place in both races. Newly promoted Team Eyrie with their new driver line up must be very proud to take home 5th in their second race!

A notable mention to JAKL Racing who put a very strong performance in both races.


  Alpha Timing Results   Winter Cup Standings   Sprocket Photography Photos


All photos taken by Andy at Sprocket Photography. For purchasing options please contact Andy directly on sprocketphotography@yahoo.co.uk

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