2018 Class Selection

2018 Class Selection

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The 2018 Class Selection, after the third round every season the RHPK team put their heads together and ensure all of our teams are in the correct classes. I know there are a number of teams frantically awaiting the news to see who they will be racing with in the later part of the year.

It’s a time-consuming task which is not taken lightly.

Alpha Timing

Alpha Timing

For each team, their times are downloaded and cleaned up, by cleaning up – removing all pit stops and excursions across the track and into the tyres. I then average the times, they are placed all together and sorted. This gives us a great overview of each team as a whole – all drivers across all stints affect the average.

So let’s run through this year so far.


Click for a full list of teams.

Round 1 – March 2018

The first round of the 2018 Season. Typically we see these results a little off, most teams are getting to grips in the first race or fall victim to mechanical issues.

We can see here at Euro Lambo have hit the ground running with an impressive 7th quickest on overall pace and qualified 3rd place overall. Their pace puts them directly in the middle of the Super Battle and finishing 5th overall.

Euro Lambo is just under 3 tenths ahead of the next Clubman team.

A very strong result from CSM Lambo with 11th overall.









Round 2 – April 2018

Round 2, Teams start to step up, refine their setup and get to grips with the competition.

Both Clubman Teams, Zingrae Racing and Euro Lambo standout here, both in the 42.4x times which puts them in the middle of the Super fight.

Despite their pace, Zingrae finishes just outside the top 5 in Clubman 7th due to being underweight. Given that being underweight will taint the averages slightly – we can’t read much into this average time.

Euro Lambo finishing 7th overall, first in Clubman by a clear lead and their best lap time of 41.682.

DAD Racing quicker this round, finishing in 9th overall, two tenths off Euro Lambo on their Average.







Round 3 – May 2018

A very wet race. This time we see JND Racing on top of the leaderboard for the Fastest average time.

The two standout teams here are March Racing, in their first race back after being demoted to Clubman once again. A decision based on the change of the driver line up and pace in Round 1.

Euro Lambo with an average of 51.32, a full 2 tenths ahead of CSM Lambo and almost 4 tenths to Zingrae Racing.

Euro Lambo takes another 5th place overall, a clear lap ahead of March Racing who finish in a very respectable 7th overall.  They also secure the 2nd fastest lap of the race, just missing out by two tenths to Custom Rods with a 48.922.

Due to a technical issue, DAD Racing retired early on in the race – we do not have enough data in order to provide an average lap time.







If you look at the averages from the last 3 rounds you can see a consistent pace from Euro Lambo.  This is backed up with their finishing positions overall, two 5th places and a 3rd in qualifying.

Whilst Zingrae and DAD are on the pace, the averages are not consistent/close enough when compared with the mighty Euro Lambo. Let’s not forget all of these numbers are based on over ~300 laps, with Pitstops removed. This is a great way of measuring team performance as a whole.

After a considerable amount of data, effort, and consideration, the decision is to move Euro Lambo up to Super from Round 4. The Clubman standings will be re-shaped accordingly and Euro Lambo will now be scored overall in the Super Class. We believe this is right from a Super Class perspective – it puts the team right in the mix of the Super Class, which they would have already won two trophies from (5th place)

From a Clubman perspective, removing Euro Lambo from the class, it pulls the grid closer together. Whilst March Racing will be re-joining Clubman for the rest of the season, we will be reviewing the team race by race.

Further Changes

March Racing – The team have returned and will be completing the rest of the year backed by 7Kart and Ryehouse. Given that the driver line up has changed they have been demoted back to Clubman. We will keep an eye on the team and can re-promote if required.

Polish Lambo – Another team which has changed considerably. Greg is now joined by Wayne Edwards who has moved from Universal Racing. Sammy Venables will be their 3rd driver. Again the RHPK will be closely monitoring their pace. We expect Greg’s son to join the team in the near future.

We look forward to Euro Lambo Sporting Number 22 in red! Let’s not forget the turnaround and achievement from Euro Lambo. Last year was a troubling year for them as plagued with reliability issues. They have all stepped up this year in terms of kart preparation, setup and driver ability – a real tribute to the team to be seen as a Super class team.

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