2018 Class Promotions and Team Numbers

2018 Class Promotions and Team Numbers

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Its that time again, the roll up to a brand new season and a new set of numbers based on where everyone finished last year. 2017 saw a number of brand new teams enter the series and very pleased to see them signed up and devoted to the 2018 season.

What we achieved as a Club/Series in 2017 was nothing short of phenomenal- the RHPK team have been hard at work to improve and refine the series based on the feedback we’ve had from everyone.

Classes, 2 vs 3

Listening to the feedback and suggestions from last year, a number of teams had requested adding another class. After some serious thought from the RHPK team, we can confirm that we will not be changing from the Super / Clubman class structure we have presently.

Adding three classes, as we did back sometime back adds complication. The “Pro” group will become the default catch-all group for those teams that are to fast for Clubman and not strictly on the pace for Super. It will significantly water down the prestige we currently have with just the two classes. It will affect trophies, those “mid-field” teams who could get onto the podium via a 5th place would no longer be achievable given that trophies will only be given out for the top three. The top three would no doubt be dominated by the usual suspects in each class.

Numbers in the Super or Clubman could well become a concern as well, given holidays.

We also feel by adding another class we will just see a repeat of the 2017 season. All of the teams who were racing for the title in 2017 will be again racing the same people. By promoting a select few, it opens the Clubman Championship wide open.

The select few teams who will be promoted will be racing against some of the best drivers / teams in the country – something to aspire too.


Being recognised for a turn in pace or a significant achievement in RHPK had been top priority last year, it will continue to do so in 2018 but this time via an announcement and a small award during the presentation. Categories include…

  • Driver of the day
  • Team of the Day
  • Move of the race e.t.c.

These will be picked by a small team on the day and will all be involved in the race. The award will be applicable to all of our drivers and teams, including mechanics.

Class Promotions

A considerable amount of time and effort has gone into the following decisions this year and obviously are all subjective to a three-race probation.

JND Racing #18

JND Racing, Championship 2017 Winners

JND Racing, Championship 2017 Winners

A well deserved 2017 Championship win see the team automatically promoted into Supers. They have recently announced that Lawrence Tomb’s from Time Crisis will be joining their 2018 lineup which was a welcome addition to the team. A big achievement for the team to be promoted into supers, proving time after time that consistency and preparation are key in RHPK. The team are excited about their first year in Supers.

Polish Lambo #19

Lee Kemp for Polish Lambo

Lee Kemp for Polish Lambo

After a string of bad luck last year moved Polish Lambo out of contention for the Clubman Championship. The team looked like a completely different team, pace wise in the later half of the 2017 season with the addition of Lee Kemp and new engines, often mixing it up with the Supers. Lee Kemp and Sam Read from Amigos 2, both join Greg to form their 2018 lineup this year.

The newly formed Polish Lambo team are looking forward to the challenge of being promoted into Supers. One to watch in the first couple of races!

March Racing #20

March Racing

March Racing

March Racing was one of the favorites midway through the 2017 season to take on the mighty JND Racing, however, a number of complications with their kart took them out of the running. The team, like the two above in their first year of owner-driver karting, have made significant progress throughout the season to be battling amongst the Supers as well as the top spot in Clubman.

March Racing for 2018 will be backed by 7Kart which will no doubt only take them further. When speaking with Mike, the team are 100% behind the decision and looking forward to the new challenge.


Euro Lambo (Formally SJ Lambo) – A team who will be closely monitored by the RHPK team at the start of the season. Whilst they have had some poor luck throughout the 2017 they have had some outright pace.

ZINGRAE Racing (Formally Time Crisis) – The team headed up by Graeme Cobb will have a different driver line up this year, therefore as considered a “new” team they will start 2018 on a green plate. However, all eyes will be on the team for round 1. A very exciting “unknown”

Amigos 2 – The team would be proudly promoted, however it is very unlikley we will see the same Amigos 2 in 2018, if at all. Sam Read has moved over to Polish Lambo.


TeamClassRace NumberChassisEngine Tuner
Custom RodsSuper17KartRPM
GKD RacingSuper27KartMonkey Force
Spectre RacingSuper37Kart
Renegade MonkeysSuper47KartMonkey Force
Cerberus RacingSuper57KartMonkey Force
Helicopter ServicesSuper67KartRPM
DAD RacingSuper77KartRPM
JND RacingSuper87Kart
North Seventeen RacingSuper9
CLM LamboSuper10
Lambo RacingSuper11
Atkins MotorsportSuper12
ITS Racing 1Super14
Zingrae RacingSuper15
SWKC RacingSuper16RPM
Brexit AllstarsSuper17
PGS RacingSuper197KartRPM
Titan MotorsportSuper20
Apache MotorsportSuper217KartRPM
Team WraithSuper22


TeamClassRace NumberChassisEngine Tuner
Universal RacingClubman307Kart
Monkey MotorsportClubman317Kart
March RacingClubman327Kart
Polish LamboClubman337Kart
KA RacingClubman347Kart
BMHClubman357KartGX Tuning
Bobs BanditsClubman367KartMonkey Force
Burton Power RacingClubman377KartRPM
Team Eyrie AlsoClubman387Kart
Euro LamboClubman397Kart
Silverline RacingClubman407KartMonkey Force
HP RacingClubman417KartUFO
Pelam RacingClubman427KartUFO
Too Many PiesClubman43WrightMonkey Force
PPS RacingClubman44
ST RacingClubman457Kart
3SFClubman467KartMonkey Force
KO RacingClubman47
Team AllessiaClubman49
BTMClubman50BizRPM / PKE
Flying fish racing Clubman51
Team BritaliaClubman52
SKA RacingClubman53
Royal Engineers MotorsportClubman54
Racing PointlesslyClubman55
Grabex RacingClubman56
Racing PointClubman58

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