Introducing Team “Time Crisis”

Introducing Team “Time Crisis”

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Lawrence Tombs gives us a detailed Q&A into a brand new team. Team Time Crisis debuted in June and turned a number of heads thanks to their very strong Qualifying performance in the one lap shootout. The team not only finished their first RHPK endurance without drama but placed a very respectable 9th place in Class! Incredible first outing for the team.

So first off Lawrence, please introduce your team

Time Crisis is me (Lawrence), Graeme and Jake. Graeme is from St Albans, he moved north for sixteen years so he could develop a convincing Geordie accent, and he now lives in Luton. If I recall correctly his first karting experience was a couple of years ago. Graeme was immediately addicted to the sport and has been essentially living in a kart ever since. We met last year at a Dmax race, I was a little faster than him so he asked me how I was driving around the circuit. Ever since he has been 0.2 seconds quicker than me everywhere we have raced…

Jake and I have known each other since we were four years old when we both lived in Devon. Jake has been interested in motorsport for a long time and he has a degree in motorsport engineering. But round 4 of RHPK was, in fact, his first proper race in a kart, and his first time round Rye House, so it was a real baptism of fire for him! He did well.

Time Crisis

Time Crisis

I first started karting when I was sixteen. I had nagged my dad since I could first speak a sentence about how I wanted to go racing. Finally when he sold his business and my family moved to Wales he helped me buy a kart, and I raced at Llandow for two years before moving out of my parents house. Since then I’ve done a couple of arrive and drives every year, then last year I was financially able to race a full season. I tried a few different arrive and drive series, realised I wanted my own kart again, and finally found myself at Rye House with my own beautiful little Pro Kart!

Time Crisis, What’s behind the team name?

It’s so hard to think of a good name!! I’m still trying to, but we had to race with something! The other option was ‘Team 62.’ Time Crisis came about because I was watching an episode of ‘Spaced’, that late 90’s sitcom with Simon Pegg. He was on his PlayStation playing what looked like that old ‘shoot em up’ game Time Crisis. I don’t know if it was Time Crisis he was playing but that name suddenly popped into my head. And I thought racing is sort of a time crisis situation, you’ve got 4 hours to complete as many laps as you can…..
Please PM me with suggestions for next year.

So your first RHPK round in June and what a time to join with the TV cameras! How did you find it? How did your race go?

It was very stressful! Luckily my teammates are far more composed individuals than me. And I’m kind of dreading seeing myself race on TV and hearing what might have been said. But luckily I wasn’t interviewed so I don’t think there is a risk of hearing myself talk at any point!

But of course, at the same time as being a little anxious about how the day would go, I loved every second of it. It was just a fantastic day. Not just the racing, but the atmosphere at the circuit was amazing, and everyone I spoke to was full of encouraging words for us, or were willing to help when I didn’t have a clue what was happening next or where I should be.

I was pleased with how our race went, and I think Graeme and Jake are as well. I really wanted to get through it cleanly, not hold up any leaders, not have any serious contact with anyone, prove that the kart was prepared well and was mechanically sound so that we could gain confidence as a team.

In your first race, you qualified 2nd! How did you find the one lap shootout?

Yes that was a surprise! And 11th overall. One lap shootout is amazing, lets have it every month!!
Actually, I’m looking forward to a normal qualifying to gain some understanding of where we are in terms of pace. But the shootout was okay, I can’t complain about the outcome.

Looking at last race, who are your main competitors?

Well, as I’m sure is the case for everyone in Clubmans, I can only think of one team. JND Racing. They are the benchmark, and the gold standard, of the Clubmans category. The only aim we have is to beat them! Joking aside (there’s been a bit of friendly banter on the forum) I have no idea where we stand at the moment relative to the other teams. I’m sure by the end of the year quite a few healthy rivalries will have developed.

The main aim is to get our race number on a red background. I would love to be recognised as a fast driver, and my team a fast team. I have no idea how achievable that is, but that’s the aim.

Now that you’ve completed your first race with RHPK, could you give any advice to any new teams looking to enter? What have you learned?

There is no possible way you could regret entering RHPK. So taking that as a given, if you go to the track and speak to anyone in the office, the teams, and drivers that compete in the series, the marshals on track, or if you go onto the RHPK Facebook page you will, in my experience, be warmly welcomed, and any help or advice you require will be readily offered by any of the individuals mentioned above. I’ve tried a few different series, and this is a very good series!

Anyone you would like to thank/mention?

There isn’t anyone in the series I don’t want to thank or mention. But to give you a few names.. John, Mark and Kelvin, who all have different roles in organising and running the series. All of the teams, but in particular all of those involved at CET racing, Silverline Racing, JRH Racing, and Custom Rods. So far I’ve spoken these teams the most, and I’m still getting people’s names wrong, so sorry about that! Everyone in the office/reception, they are really nice, and they’ve remembered my name! The marshals, they have all been really helpful and doing a great job on the circuit. Lastly my teammates, for putting up with my unpredictable and changing moods.

Time Crisis, Clubman – 62

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