ITS Racing : 2016

ITS Racing : 2016

by February 5, 2016 2 comments

Kevin from ITS Racing gives us an update on their lineup for 2016.

All of us at ITS are getting excited about this season!

This year we’ll be racing 2 teams. Our first team ITS Racing – (9) and our new Clubman team, ITS Racing 2 (46)

ITS 2015

ITS Racing (20) 2015

2015 finished on a disappointing note for our first team as we missed 3 out of the last 4 races due to holidays and other commitments. We still finished 9th in Supers which we were actually pretty chuffed with given that we only moved up from Clubman earlier the same year.

This year, we’re hoping to race our first team in every meet and aim to improve on our 9th place 2015 finish.We’ve had huge interest from various members of staff in our new clubman team (No.46) but now have our team ready.They’ll be using the MK4 7Kart chassis and T2 engines our first team raced with in 2014.

Our starting line-up for “ITS Racing 2”, consists of Stuart G (Contact Centre), Craig Joy (Marketing) and Daniel Collins (Contact Centre).

We’ll be doing our first real test day with the guys on Wednesday the 3rd of February although all 3 had their first go in the karts late last year.

The day didn’t go well for Stuart…… When I told him not to have a beer the night before, he decided he knew best and had to come in to the pits after about 5 laps for some deep breaths and a visit to the side of the canal!! Dan did much better and managed to get down in to the 44’s, which was great considering it was his first time ever in a kart. Craig is the one to watch at the minute!, he’s pretty competitive and was in the 43’s within just a couple of hours.

All 3 are hoping to improve this Wednesday but we know we’ll be competing at the back of Clubman at least for a while. They are nevertheless, up for the challenge.

We are holding an ITS Grand Prix on Wednesday night with 41 people from all around the company coming over to have a go! Maybe ITS Racing 3 might not be too far away.

ITS Racing 3 might not be too far away.

Freddie Lee will be driving for our first team for some of the season. He actually raced for us at the end of 2015 as so isn’t a stranger to our team. We hope to see Barry Lee (Freddie’s dad and motor racing legend) around the paddocks a bit this year too which will be nice. Maybe we can persuade him to get involved with the presentations at some point. Our first team remains otherwise unchanged, Me, Mark and Spoony.

We’re all looking forward to what we know will be another enjoyable year at Rye House in RHPK!
It can’t come fast enough.

Cheap plug time……….

Don’t forget WWW.ITS.CO.UK for “All The Tools You Need”

Sorry……..I can’t help it!

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  1. Amigos
    #1 Amigos 5 February, 2016, 12:32

    Hi Kev, just to say a huge thanks to you and Andy at Burton Power for injecting some serious enthusiasm into the season. The TV thing and visitors you guys have lined up will only make the series more popular and hopefully attract some new teams and bigger grids.

    Like you we at Amigos are really looking forward to getting into the season and catching up with friends in the paddock. excellent job guys and a massive thanks to Mark as well for the fab website…

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  2. NJH
    #2 NJH 5 February, 2016, 15:12

    I just so happened to call in at the Rye House Office on Wednesday for a coffee & social call with JH, Ryan and Christine, great to see them all again for the first time this year.
    It wasn’t long before i detected the sound of a couple of prokarts lapping the circuit. Following my ears & nose, I found the ITS Teams in the paddock having a pre-season test and a chance to have a quick chat with the main man himself, team principal Kevin Hubbard. The first thing that struck me is he can’t stand still, such is his energy and enthusiasm for prokarting at Rye House which is infectious and engulfed the whole team. After chatting to all six drivers i found these guys are serious about their kart racing and serious about enjoying it and having a laugh as well.
    As we approach the start of the new season we have much to feel very positive about. Old Mother Hubbard might not have much in her cupboard. But Mr Hubbard has plenty in his, fielding two teams and possibly a 3rd later in the year and an impressive pool of drivers. Also very generously shareing sponsorship and television cost with Burton Power Performance for our championship. We have much to smile about, happy days. See you all soon at the Winter Cup.

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