Bridgestone YDS Shortage – September 2021

Bridgestone YDS Shortage – September 2021

by August 25, 2021 1 comment

****IMPORTANT** Please read this affects all teams racing in Septembers round**

There is currently a tyre shortage, which is affecting many classes of karts in the UK, club racing is in disarray. We did have confirmation from the UK Bridgestone importer that there would be a ship arriving in time to supply our YDS tyre for our next event on September 4th.

We have now been informed by them that due to delays in shipping, Bridgestone YDS will not be available until the second week of September, which of course is too late for our next event. We have, however, been told that not only the 4th of September shipment but a later one as well will ensure that there are sufficient YDS tyres to see us through the rest of the season.

We have been offered a replacement Bridgestone tyre for our 4th September event, it is a little softer (and therefore a little quicker) but will last for four hours. It has been offered to us for £70 (+VAT) per set, and thirty sets are available.

We consider that this is a good option for RHPK, any team that has purchased YDS for the 4th September can use them in a subsequent round, so everyone gets the bonus of using a slightly cheaper tyre for this one-off occasion. Please be aware that this is a tyre that is no longer available, so it has to be a one-off deal only, sadly. So effectively we have our hands tied, with very few options available, and are asking everyone to work with us to ensure the smooth running of our 4th September event.

**We are asking all teams to run the proposed tyre for the September round. You will be able to use your normal YDS for the two remaining races after September. **

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