RHPK Latest Standings, August 2018

RHPK Latest Standings, August 2018

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With just 3 rounds to go, the 2018 season has seen some real highs and lows for teams up and down the grid. It’s still all to play for, consistency and reliability are the key here with most teams having dropped a round already.


Over the past month, we’ve spent some time with Alpha Live and GKD to rectify a glitch in Round 3. It appeared that GKD lost grid position on track which dropped them two places down the field. Working with Alpha Timing we’ve proved the error and rectified the positions on both the Alpha timing system and Standings. A change from 10th to 8th.

What a Super Grid. A fantastic mix of teams throughout the field, all who arguably could take a win. Many returning faces, such as Raider Racing (Formally Pocket Phone Shop) and GKD towards the end of last year.

Spectre Racing had the pace as the green flag dropped at the start of the 2018 Season. A well-deserved win and a second place for round 2 saw them early favorites. They’ve continued their pace and won round Round 4. They would have won Round 6 if it was not for an issue with their engine – gutting for the team who drove a flawless race up until the last 10 minutes.

Spectre Racing, Currently sitting in 2nd

Spectre Racing, Currently sitting in 2nd

JRH is in a comfortable in 3rd place due to their consistency and step up in pace this year, their highest result being 2nd place in Round 3, their best round to date! Dropping August due to Work commitments.

Newly promoted teams, Euro Lambo and DAD are both sitting in overall podium positions currently! Both teams were in Clubman at the start of the season – A tribute to both teams who have taken on the challenge, these two places cement their promotion.

DAD Promoted to Super

DAD Promoted to Super

Polish Lambo V2 had a strong start to the season, a podium in Round 3, but they’ve fallen victim to some bad luck, as have Lambo Racing who looked like they would dominate the 2018 season if the Winter Cup was any indication.

GKD have been getting strong round after round, taking a win on Round 5 saw them rise on the point table. However, thier last result (Round 6) is provisional until further investigations and confirm/deny their disqualification from last round.

The newly promoted JND Racing has had some considerable pace this year, twice they have fallen victim to mechanical failures/breakdowns, often in top positions. We hope to see them shine before the year is over – but its drawing to an end very quickly!

  Overall Mobile Version

Overall 2018 Standings

16Spectre RacingSuper501464450414450150100378
25JRH RacingSuper404246393804141390326
31Helicopter ServicesSuper21501150146445039027121310
422Euro LamboSuper41394130402434404224307
57Lambo RacingSuper42262421354642444621305
764Polish LamboClubman39223432333431374422284
89GKD RacingSuper44193841501038462619284
1020Polish Lambo V2Super32414235282540342525277
1156Zingrae RacingClubman37312328373937293823276
1234CSM LamboClubman30333636242729334024264
1320March RacingSuper240392927373032360254
1430Burton Power RacingClubman36342616342836223416250
152Custom RodsSuper38102014411460461175020246
1613HRS 1Super174421343921038320246
1731KA RacingClubman31352527363524312424244
1833Sticky MonkeysClubman292532203229323023120233
1918JND RacingSuper334018422236192300233
2039Silverline RacingClubman26272824293128272020220
2138Pelam RacingClubman282430262102628350218
2237Team Eyrie AlsoClubman272037232523200370212
2342Universal RacingClubman23231622164022261916191
2436BMH RacingClubman03031193130270210189
2568HP RacingClubman00353119322518220182
2663Alpha RacingClubman02922251833212400172
2760Emric RacingClubman2228270026025330161
2810Team JAMSuper34384038000000150
294ABA RacingSuper46182940000000133
3046Too Many PiesClubman2021191720000290126
3123Raider RacingSuper00000411184200102
3259Wicks RacingClubman18017182322000098
3325Renegade RacingClubman00000044190063
3441AEC RacingClubman250001701700059
3540NMA RacingClubman00003000210051
3666Raider Racing 2Clubman00000023200043
3769Tyred and ExhaustedClubman0000000360036
3865S&S RacingClubman00000016160032
3921RH RacingSuper0320000000032
4067KO RacingClubman0000000031031
4126Waynes Cheeky MonkeysSuper0000000030030


The RHPK team are now very proud of our 2018 Clubman Grid. We have a perfectly balanced mix of teams and abilities which has made for some very exciting racing! Two teams have been promoted mid-season, DAD & Euro Lambo. A couple of teams have significantly changed drivers dropping them down to Clubman, such as March Racing and Polish Lambo.

The 4-way fight for the top stop is separated by just 10 points! Artifex Racing now staring Gavin Craig are sitting in first, just 5 points ahead of Zingrae Racing. Artifex won their second race in August, confirming the top spot. Zingrae Racing in their first full season as a team have done incredibly well. The guys won their first round in July.

Zingrae Racing

Zingrae Racing

Polish Lambo have looked very consistent throughout the year, winning Round 1 but have not delivered that blow to the opposition yet – I’m confident it’s coming!

KA Racing this year has been incredible, taking no less than 3 fastest laps in Clubman. They are still in for a chance to take the top spot, just 10 points behind. They could do with a much-needed win to compliment the 2nd place they took in Round 2.

KA Racing

KA Racing

CSM Lambo has been a team which I have been watching closely this year. The team has improved their position each round, Round 4 they took a well deserved second position. Since this round they’ve dropped down the order due to kart technical difficulties – A real shame otherwise the team would be sitting well within the top 3.

Burton Power Racing has had some bad luck this year despite starting off with two third places in Rounds 1 and 2. The team must be aiming for a win this year in class.

Monkey Motorsport & BMH have vastly improved this year, currently sitting in 8th and 9th place. Below them is a very close battle separated by a couple of points between Silverline Racing, Team Eyrie Also and Pelam Racing.

  Clubman Mobile Version

Clubman 2018 Standings

264Polish LamboClubman503341144142140415015033362
356Zingrae RacingClubman46411324050445011384232354
434CSM LamboClubman41424446343339424433332
557March RacingClubman3505014137424041400327
631KA RacingClubman42146133394614134403433325
730Burton Power RacingClubman444434291443446323829317
833Sticky MonkeysClubman403639334135423933133306
939Silverline RacingClubman37373636383738363030295
1038Pelam RacingClubman393537383203637390293
1137Team Eyrie AlsoClubman383146353531300410287
1242Universal RacingClubman3434283427461132352927274
1468HP RacingClubman00424230383529320248
1563Alpha RacingClubman03931372939313300239
1660Emric RacingClubman3338350032034370209
1746Too Many PiesClubman3232303031000350190
1859Wicks RacingClubman300293133300000153
1941AEC RacingClubman360002802900093
2040NMA RacingClubman00003900310070
2166Raider Racing 2Clubman00000033300063
2265S&S RacingClubman00000028280056
2369Tyred and ExhaustedClubman0000000460046
2467KO RacingClubman0000000036036

It’s all to play for as the season progresses into the last 3 rounds of 2018. Who will come out on top?

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