Rules and Regulations 4.2 – 2018

Rules and Regulations 4.2 – 2018

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We have published the latest rules and regulations which covers the 2018 season.

The following amendments have been made…

  • Page 12, Corrected Typo
  • RR19. Starts, Green light board, Grid Positions
  • RR21. Flag Signals, Wording Changed
  • RR24. Refuelling Stops, updated to reflect the changes which were put in place in the 2017Season (Limbo Bar, lanes, fuel marshal)
  • RR27. Karts when not on circuit, amended to reflect 2017 changes.
  • RR29 Weighing, event of a breakdown
  • RR30 Race Stops, Re-written, full procedure outlined.
  • RR31, Rewritten
  • RR32 Restarts, amended
  • RR37 Penalties, Penalty – unable to take on fuel or perform driver changes
  • SRR3 Testing/Practice, Transponder faults
  • SRR7 Race, removed walking pace and stated that one member of the team to push the kart
  • SRR10 Fuel Bay, amended to reflect fuel 2017 fuel changes
  • SRR11 Updated to include “One full circle around the kart”
  • SSR12 Sin Bin, Penalty
  • SRR13. Eligibility
  • Minimum/Maximum drivers, Replacement Drivers rule updated.
  • SSR16 Boundary, Advantage by crossing boundaries penalty.
  • Scrutineering 1.8, Engine numbers to be reported,
  • Removed obsolete rules
  • 7 Flags,
    – Black with Orange Disk, updated
    – Black/White amended
    – Black, re-written.
  • Chassis 4.5, Corrected numbering, removed black plates and added both Super and Clubman number plate schemes.
  • Technical 1.6, 1.9 – Removed as not applicable.
  • List of Penalties
    – Weight formatted correctly
    – Qualifying, Underweight teams are permitted to add weight and re-qualify – time permitting.
    – Not eligible for fastest lap applied to weight penalties.
    – Removed “Remaining in Kart during the refueling bay rule
    – Starting procedure, inappropriate driving, spinning on the formation lap.

You can find the latest version of the rules and Regulations below…

Download 2018 RHPK Rules & Regulations

2018 RHPK Rules & Regulations 4.2








Download Honda GX 160 Technical Regulations

Honda GX 160 Technical Regulations v12








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