ITS Livery – “The Joy of stickers”

ITS Livery – “The Joy of stickers”

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With the season just about to start on Saturday, it’s fair to say some of our teams have been very busy in the last couple of weeks. Kevin and the team from ITS Tools have been working around the clock to get everything ready for Round 1, so much so he promptly handed over the big task of the 2016 livery for both Karts to an expert.


Lets meet Craig JoyITS-Craig-1

Yup, thats him on the right hand side sitting next to Ronald McDonald. Now Craig is a graphic designer, I’m told he produces most of the fantastic marketing for ITS Tools.

He’s also racing this year in ITS Racing #2 and to be fair, took on a mammoth challenge in the winter cup last month by starting in Pole position (Random Grid out of a hat) for the first race on a water logged track.




image2The Design Phase

Craig being a graphic designer, this is his bag and this is where we see his computer mouse skills go into overdrive to produce a mock-up of the ITS Livery for this year. Don’t forget – there is a lot of competition, given that we are being filmed in May.

The mock Photoshop design looks great.



More mouse twitching from Craig and its looking very polished. At this stage Kevin is feeling pleased that he has delegated this to an expert. What Craig does not know about Graphic Design and Artwork, it seems is not worth knowing.





The StickersITS-Craig-4

Craig proceeds to print out the stunning design on… a 1.5m by 1.5 meter sticker.

I’m sure most of you are thinking what went through Kevin’s mind as he stared at this giant 1.5m by 1.5m sticker… how the [insert expletives here]





Kevin gets to work, it seems straight forward, just cut out the sticker and neatly and apply it to the pods and front Nassa panel…

At this point Kevin is starting to think this is not such a good idea…





Now, anyone who has tried to stick anything remotely large to a 3D object such as the front pod or the awkward Nassa panel will know you need the hands and patience of a saint. After a lot of swearing and calling Craig names (Not the ones he would say in front of his mum) this was the end result…





Craig’s Services are exclusively available all year within RHPK to all of our teams, just ask Kevin on the track for more details. He’s branching out to stickering up Articulated Vehicles…

…and demoted to playing with the worms in the garden whilst providing tea to ITS Racing #1 & 2.

Be sure to give Craig some stick on Saturday 🙂

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