Smoothing out Pylon Bend

Smoothing out Pylon Bend

by February 8, 2016 0 comments

This month the track have been hard at work on Pylon Bend. They’ve dug up most of inner section of the kerb, previously known as the kart breaker and have poured over 60+ bags of cement to smooth out the Kerb.

I was down at the track today and the results look very promising!


Pylon is a fast, blind, left hand corner, leading into a sharp right hand hairpin. On entering the left hand corner the driver must be strong with the steering, allowing for small, smooth inputs to avoid losing rear traction, positioning the kart to attack the kerb. The kerb requires full commitment and it is one part of the circuit that the regulars will have an advantage over the new track users. It is a two tiered kerb and the fastest way over it is to hit it early and as high up the second tier as possible, the track owners regularly place a tyre wall near it, this should be observed before first practise to understand how much can be taken. A heavy brake is then required to slow the kart down and achieve a late apex for the right hander.


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