2016 Team Numbers

2016 Team Numbers

Please find the 2016 series numbers. Please note these need to be attached to the kart for the 1st Summer Series Race in March. The numbers are allocated to where you finished last year which gives all drivers an indication of pace on the track. New teams are allocated the next allocated number.

We will not reserve or allocate numbers based on preference – only per position.


TeamClassRace NumberChassisEngine Tuner
Spectre RacingSuper17KartUFO
JRH RacingSuper27KartUFO
Helicopter ServicesSuper37KartUFO
Euro LamboSuper47 Kart
Lambo RacingSuper57Kart
DAD RacingSuper67 KartRPM
GKD RacingSuper77Kart
Polish Lambo V2Super8Monkey Force
Custom RodsSuper97KartRPM
HRS 1Super10WrightPKE
JND RacingSuper117Kart
Team JAMSuper127KartUFO
North Seventeen RacingSuper147KartRPM
RH RacingSuper15
Renegade MonkeysSuper167KartMonkey Force
Artifex RacingSuper177KartUFO
RPM 1Super18HaaseRPM
ITS 1Super197KartUFO
Atkins MotorsportSuper20WrightAtkins



Team NameClassRace NumberChassisEngine Tuner
Polish LamboClubman307Kart
Zingrae RacingClubman31
CSM LamboClubman327Kart
March RacingClubman337KartRPM
KA RacingClubman347KartUFO
Burton Power RacingClubman357KartRPM
Sticky MonkeysClubman367KartMonkey Force
Silverline RacingClubman377KartRPM
Pelam RacingClubman387KartUFO
Team Eyrie AlsoClubman397KartUFO
Universal RacingClubman407Kart
BMHClubman417KartGX Tuning
HP RacingClubman427KartUFO
Alpha RacingClubman43
Emric RacingClubman44
Too Many PiesClubman45Wright
Wicks RacingClubman46
AEC RacingClubman47MSPKE
NMA RacingClubman487Kart
Raider Racing 2Clubman49
S&S RacingClubman50
Tyred and ExhaustedClubman517Kart
KO RacingClubman52
Burton MkllClubman537Kart
RE MotorsportClubman547Kart
RE Motorsport 2Clubman557Kart
Still RacingClubman567KartMonkey Force
2 BOB LamboClubman577KartMonkey Force
ITS #2Clubman587Kart
Time Crisis 2Clubman59
ST RacingClubman607Kart
PPS RacingClubman61
Euro LamboClubman62
3SF RacingClubman637KartMonkey Force


Details incorrect or your team not listed? please contact the track t 01992 460 895 or get in touch via the forums.