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    Hi all,

    I wanted to throw open a discussion around the number of mandatory stops we currently have with a suggestion for next season to get everyones views….

    As you know we have two mandatory stops right now and both of them usually require fuel to be taken on board too.. The options regarding strategy and timings for our stops are largely influenced around the fuel we have and this can also be restricted if you have used up a lot of fuel in qualy. This may have been a deciding factor on who does the first stint as well removing options.

    I wanted to see if there was any appetite to move to three mandatory stops and i’ve listed, what i perceive, as potential benefits of a three stop race:

    1. With 3 stops there can be 4 drivers in a team introducing new talent to RHPK
    2. Costs can be spread with 4 drivers potentially enabling teams to put more money into preventative maintenance such as replacing bearings, etc more regularly.
    3. Three stops opens up your strategy a lot more with short stints as an option.. not every stop needs to be a fuel stop either or you can splash and dash all three.
    4. If you opt for a 4 driver lineup then you will have more hands available to sort out issues, wheel changes, pitstops, etc…
    5. Even if you stay as a team of two you can introduce shorter stints for a change of driver, especially handy in the wet/cold.

    Overall i think that moving to three stops enables us to use much different strategies possibly making the race a lot more interesting and enables us to introduce new drivers/talent to RHPK who can also share some of the cost.

    What’s your thoughts?….

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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