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    As the Winter Cup is a one off race separate from the Main Summer season which starts in March, we’ve decided (from the feedback from our drivers) to mix it up a little.

    This means we will have 2×2 hour races, each team will have to stop twice (Some teams have three drivers)

    The plan is :-

    During drivers briefing – All teams will be entered into a hat and will be picked at random.

    15:00 – First 2 hour race start – based on Random Grid allocation (All Karts need to be on the dummy grid before hand)

    16:55 – Fuel bay is closed.
    17:00 – Race 1 end, all drivers weigh up and back onto dummy grid where the order is reversed based on your allocation in race 1 (For instance if you started first, you start last!) – Drivers line up on the dummy grid in their new starting positions – no fuel to be taken on board, but drivers changes are permitted
    17:10-15 – Race 2 Start
    17:20 – Fuel bay open

    Races are scored as per normal scoring per race, then added up.
    Fuel bay will be open shortly after the second race has started. No drivers can take on fuel 5 minutes before the end of race 1 and during the change over period for race 2. This means that you will start race 2 on the fuel you have at the end of race 1.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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