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    After putting in a vast number of hours/days/weeks into our new site phase one is now complete! It’s now live!

    The site will provide more news about the series and the focused on the teams we have racing with us. 2016 will be an exciting year for the series and hope to promote it as much as we can to attract new teams.

    Whats happened to the existing forums?
    They are still up on a running, I’ve provided a link on the right hand side of the screen for archiving purposes. Given that the two sites are completely different I’ve made the decision to not import any previous posts/data across – given the issues it may incur.

    Do I have to sign up again?
    Yes, you will required to sign up to RHPK – this will give you a chance to create a brand new account. The new site is more of a hub. You will notice when you logon you will be able to edit your profile. This will follow you whenever you post on a forum or add a comment to a post.

    Whats next?
    Much more from a social and news perspective.

    – Team List – A bio of each team with photos and team members
    – Full Archived Results – Currently empty at the moment, this will take sometime to import since I have results of each round from 2008 onwards.
    – Website Speed – Optimizations ongoing

    Any issues please let me know, I’m very excited for this year and what the new site can provide!

    • This topic was modified 6 years, 4 months ago by Mark.
    • This topic was modified 6 years, 4 months ago by Mark.

    Small updates to the site 10/02/2016

    – RELATED Category news will now feature on the page on all posts, just above comments
    – All Articles can be accessed from “The Series” drop down link on the Navigation Bar
    – Unread posts on the forum are now Marked, previously there was no way of seeing what new posts were unread by the user when logged in, Thanks for mentioning this Rob.
    – Back end Server response times should be quicker (Previously we were seeing a small percentage of timeout requests)


    Small updates to the site 15/03/2016

    – On the forum, added a “Reset Password” link under logon
    – Changed Legacy Forum title to “Links” and added the very much requested Member list
    – Speed of the site optimized further

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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