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    Elliot Mason

    I don’t like to be the one to bring this up, especially as everyone has made such a big effort this year with the timing strips being replaced, the alpha timing working well, new website, pylon corner being remodelled, etc. However, pylon corner hasn’t improved, it’s actually got worse.

    As I said, I feel bad bringing it up as efforts have been made to improve the corner and it’s obvious it’s not gone to plan, but is it going to stay like this?

    I’ve always struggled to get the final complex right anyway and it’s always been my weak point, if it’s staying I’ll have to come and do some testing; in corporate karts!!!

    Ben Bishop

    Hi mate,

    I actually think it is much better than it was, however it’s still a tricky kerb to hit right, i made a few errors in practice which resulted in me hitting the sausage section, but overall i do feel it’s better. What in particular are you not happy about?

    If anything i would like to see the exit of the final corner sorted, if you get offline or run wide, there is a “massive” pot hole which is a potential kart breaker.

    Overall though, got to say im impressed with whats changed over the winter and cant wait for round 2.


    Elliot Mason

    Well, I said I’ve struggled, that show’s it’s me!

    I couldn’t find a smooth line, I found I would hit a dip and it seemed to really bounce the kart all over the place, I’ll pay more attention to others next time!



    Your not alone at all, all of our team struggled to get the right line. The bump this month round seemed to be more aggressive compared to what it was like in the Winter Cup. Last year I used to monster the kerb, it was bumpy but felt right – Now I still can’t tell you what I’m doing!

    Personally I think there needs to be a proper flat kerb there.

    Elliot Mason

    That makes me feel better! I liked it last year, though as you said it could be a bit bumpy, but it felt right. I was confident to go side by side with people into pylon, now I’m not sure where my kart is going to go never mind someone else’s. At the weekend I stopped using the new part completely and started driving around the corner which is very slow and boring!

    Stuart Allan

    I personally hate the new kerbing at pylon it just feels unfinished and unlike before it’s much harder to pinpoint the smoothest line through due to it being unpainted.

    The old kerb gave you the option of taking the smoother but slightly slower line or the rougher but slightly faster line and it was personally very easy to aim for the line you wanted.

    It needs redoing with proper kerbing hopefully with a slight raised level but smooth.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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