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Hi Danny,

Great to hear from you! Thanks for the comments on the website. I’ve just noticed that the site is missing the Rules and Regulations! I’ll be sure to get these up tonight – this will give you a real overview of what is required for the series.

Do you run wets?
Yes, Obviously the option is up to the team. There have been occasions if the weather is very poor that the track enforce that all teams start on the wet tyre for safety reasons.

Do you hire transponders?
Yes, When booking up make sure you make the track aware that you need one.

Do we need fully enclosed chain guards?
No, normal guards will be permitted – so long as they cover the length of the chain.

Do we need to get our number registered now (and what color)?
I can assign you a number, as you’ve not raced with RHPK before we will assign you in Clubman. White numbers with a Green background – this number needs to be on the front, back and both sides of the kart.

The numbers reflect where each team have finished in the previous season, Super are 1-30 Clubman 30-60.

HRS Racing will be allocated Clubman Number :- 47

Do we provide our own fuel?
Yes, A full Gerry can is required and to be handed in before the start of the race, typically before 12pm. Obviously morning practice to be covered by each team.

Can we enter round 1?
Yes, yes & yes! 🙂

Please let me know if you have any further questions, like I said – I’ll get the rules and regulations uploaded asap.

Look forward to seeing you guys!

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