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Cheers Mark

The rules you have mentioned sort out the sitting on the back of the seat while refuelling but don’t really address either of the other two issues:

1. Are we being walked down the pit lane by the Marshall (every single driver change for every team without exception) are we being asked to walk and will be monitored doing so by the Marshall (which I think will be impossible to police and labour intensive) or are we allowed to push the kart as quickly as we like as has always been the case and to my knowledge, has never caused any sort of accident.

2. Can we have a clear line at the end of the pit lane before which we are not allowed to restart engines (cones will do).

It’s really competitive now and great fun as a result and so I do think this needs clearing up before the season starts to make sure the competition stays on the track and not down the pit lane.

Like you said, I’m sure Kelvin will enforce whatever is in place.

Cheers Mark

I’ve been chatting to Bill from Eyrie and Andy from Burton Power tonight and we’re all really looking forward to this year.

Website looks great by the way ??