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Hi Kev,

Good topic! Something which does need clarifying.

So last year was probably one of the closest seasons we’ve had in years, races being won by tenths rather than seconds/laps. During certain races there was increasing pressure for the track to clamp down on teams who we thought were abusing the quick push down the pits.

Given how tight it was in the Championship all the way down the field the track took action. Was this the right action? – in hindsight probably not, however they needed to take action. In reality the track could not walk everyone down the pits and therefore caused more inconsistencies.

This year, Kelvin Nicholls will be part of our Championship and will hopefully mature and enforce the rules we currently have in place.

So, 2016. *To be confirmed in drivers briefing..

– Driver places his hand up just before going into the pits and to drive off the track on the left hand side.
– Driver comes to a complete stop at the weighbridge cones and to proceed by the Weigh bridge Marshall.
– Driver stops on the weighbridge until instructed to move on.
If you are underweight, the Marshall will push you back off the weighbridge, ensure the scales are reading 0.00 and the driver is free to drive back on.
– Once instructed, drive off the weighbridge turn the corner (Allowing engine power) and to turn both engines off before/at the sign post. Another team member must push your kart into the fuel bay (to the right) where the driver has to fully vacate the seat. Unless the driver is fully out of the seat and ready to hold the nozzle – no fuel will be added.
– Once fueled, the driver is then required to get back into the seat and screw the fuel cap tightly whilst the other team member is pushing the kart *Only one team member is allowed to push the kart from the weigh bridge to the driver change spot*
– Driver change can take place and engines on.

Any weight issues need to be discussed with the Clerk of the course immediately.